On Buying a Car

Is it unusual to buy a car over the internet? The thing is, without even seeing a car, except for a few photos, I’m arranging a deal with the seller. Negotiating price, tax, title, and license. It seems odd to me, because what if I hate this car? I could, very easily. I’ve never driven this one, or even this model. I have no idea if I will like it or not.

I also don’t know what condition it is in. I saw photos, yes, but house hunting taught me that photos lie. So, lesson learned. I need to see it to ascertain if it is worth the money. Thing is, it most definitely isn’t worth what they’re asking, at least not to me. Before even seeing it, I want to know that the dealer is willing to negotiate with me. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, least of all, mine. This car is located in Baldwin, WI. While it isn’t crazy far away, it isn’t exactly next door, either. Rather than take a trip to see the car, only to find that I love it and they won’t drop their price one penny (it has already happened to me), I decided that from this point forward, whomever sells me a car will have to be up front on the pricing before I ever see the car.

Smart?….or Crazy?

Not really, sure. I’ll let you know how it ends up, that will be the truest test. Do I end up with a car?

3 thoughts on “On Buying a Car

  1. LOL…after the fact.
    You handled the whole thing smartly. Good job!

    I hope you and Gus both get exactly what you need from this relationship. (Has he met Corey yet?) I love Gus and I think he will be very strong and dependable. Good choice!

  2. Corey is currently riding shotgun in Gus. I’ll have to get him established in his new home (ie, tacked to the dash.) After all, nothing says “classy caddy” like a retired Twins bobblehead that I got from McDonalds like 8 years ago!

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