If you’re ever in Minneapolis…

feel free to drop in to WXYZ Bar for a bang-up cocktail and the funky, LCD-lit bar. I took Elena there last weekend for a little stress release.

The appetizers were awful, but the cocktails were scrum-diddly-umptious.

I began with the Blueberry Highball. It was not too sweet, just fruity enough and not so potent it knocked me off my stool.

And it’s pretty!


Yes, I’m the idiotic girl who takes pictures of her cocktail at the bar. Actually, I wanted a shot of the bar (isn’t it so cool?) the LCDs change colors constantly and it is pretty spectacular.

Elena and I each sampled two of the cocktails, so we’ve tried a total of four. While I wouldn’t drive there specifically, as it is a hotel bar and the food sucked, if I was in the area, I’d go there again.

Lane? How YOU doin’?

Doesn’t that look like Iced Tea? It isn’t, I assure you. Chock full of booze, she was. Yes she was.


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