Work In Progress

Continuing on here at WordPress.  I’ve played with several designs and such. I landed on this one simply by dint of being sick of changing. I’ll keep it for a bit, at least until I get more settled in.

I haven’t tried doing photos or video or any such media, yet. With luck, it will be easy and simple, and that’ll help convince me I’ve found the right place for Livlife to call home.

Keep watching….

2 thoughts on “Work In Progress

  1. I will keep watching. Not sure about your new blogging home yet. It really is different,( not that different is bad.) I was just used to Mindsay.
    It seems nice, easy to use.
    And you know I’ll follow your blog wherever you go!

  2. I was used to Mindsay as well, but it wasn’t working properly, it didn’t let people read…or comment without an account, and it didn’t have the features that this one has.

    We’ll get used to WordPress in time.

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