…It’s Official

I have a new car. Moving on from my darling Saturn girl (whom I always just called “Saturn”, she was that kind of funky, retro-hip) was tough enough, there was no way I could try and replace her with anything similar.

I opted for something totally different. I also opted for older used car, in order to keep my finances in check.

The result?

It’s a boy! I got myself a boyishly tough car, with enough classic elegance to speak to my needs. What kind of car could it be?

Only a Cadillac, of course!

No. I am not kidding.

Yes. I am aware that most people think that is an “old person’s car” but it isn’t. Or maybe it is. Who cares? I love it and I’m going to make it hip, through the sheer force of my personality.

His name is Gus. Short for August, because it defines him and it is the month that we met.

You can call him Auggie if you want to, he won’t mind, because though he might be a little too regal to be an Auggie, he’s playful enough that he just won’t care.

He is a 1999 Cadillac Seville STS. What that means is that he’s not too huge (for a Caddy) but he’s still a big boy with LOTS of power. He also has every conceivable gew-gaw and doo-dad amenity that one can dream up in a car. I’m talking things like wipers that sense when it is raining and turn on by themselves. (Truly, can’t wait until it rains to see this in action. Am actually considering throwing a bucket of water at the windshield just to see what happens!) I’m talking a sunroof and heated, leather seats (front and back!).  I’m talking headlights that automatically turn on when the wipers are activated and will turn on when they sense dusk. I’m talking volume control so that the radio gets louder when the engine and noise in the car does (and the reverse). I’m talking so many features that I sat in the car for an hour yesterday, just playing and I STILL don’t know everything that Gus is capable of.

He might be high mileage and getting on in years, but this old boy is already fast on his way to becoming my new bestie.

Would you like to see a couple pictures? I’ll warn you right up front, my boy is handsome…



That last shot? That’s my Gus, parked in front of what is almost our house….!

Hmm, I just looked at those and it is tough to tell what color he is. He is actually a very deep, dark green (on the color wheel he would be directly opposite of the blackberry color that Saturn was…). Someone called him “British Racing Green” which certainly sounds cool, but Cadillac says it is actually “Dark Polo Green Metallic”, also sounding very cool.

Let me know when you want your ride, Gus is as smooth as his leather interior.

What do we think? Anyone having trouble seeing me as a Caddy driver?


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