For the non-Livlife followers, Babycakes refers to my niece, Arionna. I’ve taken to calling her that almost exclusively and it has caught on so that my 3-year-old nephew now also calls her babycakes.

This past Saturday I got the chance to babysit for her. Her parents went out on the town for her daddy’s birthday and she and I had a girls night in. Such as it was. I got there about 7:30 and she went to sleep at 8:30. She’d have gone sooner, but I was forcing her to stay awake and take photos for my amusement. Mean Auntie Livlife!

The photos are all a little hazy and dim, due to the poor lighting and the fact that I used my Iphone camera rather than my real camera (dead battery). But, here is Babycakes, up close and personal:

Then we chilled for a bit more and she started talking at me. I’ve learned that she likes sound. Any distinctive sound will get her attention and usually a smile. I got a lovely little video of her chatting and cooing with me, you should listen.  And clearly I don’t know how to post it. Stay tuned for when I figure that out. For now, sorry, no video.

Cute, right?

photoAnd, of course, we have more of her cuteness right here. Sometimes I could just eat her up. I tried to get a photo of the two of us, but the lighting was uncooperative, as was my girl. The best I got?

As you can see, not that impressive. It is grainy and poorly lit. That look on her face…spells trouble! After nearly an hour of cuddling and cooing, we were losing patience and sweetness was on the verge of a breakdown. It was way too close/past bedtime for any more of these shenanigans. And she was about to
photolet me know. I call that one “Going…” and this next one, is:



And it was off to bed with her. I tucked her in and told her it was time to go to sleep and she did this:photo

Guess that meant she was ready.

And then I went to watch a movie and order dinner and she went to sleep. So much for my adventures in babysitting!

But it was fun. I can’t wait to have my own house and have her over to play!

3 thoughts on “Babycakes-n-me

    • Thanks, KJ!. Yes, I’m a very lucky auntie. And you as well! I saw that you just got a (another?) nephew. He’s adorable. And I LOVE his name. Bennet is fantastic.

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