Magic Necklace

I’m pretty savvy, at least I like to think so. I think I’m pretty aware of the scams running rampant in the world and I’m not often suckered in. I can spot ’em and avoid them like the plague.

However, I do have a weakness. My kryptonite, if you will. I somehow can’t get away from “miracle” products. I don’t know what it is, but when I see an infomercial about this “amazing new product” I want it. Most of the time I’m well aware it’s a scam and, somehow, it ceases to matter.

This is how I end up with closets full of shampoos I’ll never use because they don’t actually do anything at all. Wen, anyone? (BTW, if you had as much hair as I do, you’d love buying shampoo, too!). It’s also why I practically get the shakes when I see infomercials for the In-Styler. I haven’t bought it–yet. I’ve had my eye on it for YEARS and I keep telling myself, “don’t be ridiculous” it doesn’t really do that. But I still think it might and that’s the catch. The rub. The nitty-gritty. The reason I can’t seem to help myself.

Which brings us to the HazelAid necklace company. I read a review on someone’s blog (can’t remember who…I could find it, but that’s so much work…)about this amazing necklace. Unable to stop myself, I clicked over to the website for more information. (It’s linked on the name, if you want).

What I found is that they sell two different types of necklace. The original Hazelaid which is made from miracle-bark that will absorb the acid in your body and help you feel better overall, in addition to curing your acid reflux/heartburn. Don’t know if you know this or not, but I suffer from severe acid-reflux. It’s been so bad in the past I went to the emergency room. I manage it better now, with daily doses of OTC medication (haven’t had insurance, so no “real” drugs for me) and lots of Tums. In fact, I keep the OTC medicine at home, at work, and in my purse so I am NEVER without it. That’s how bad it is. I can’t be without my pills for even a second, because I don’t know when it will flare up.

It’s awful, really. What I don’t want is to go to a doctor and end up having to take different pills. The only other option is surgery…which I won’t do. Not worth it to me, as long as it is manageable. So, when I saw a natural remedy, I was more than willing to try. Except–how can this really work?

I ordered my Hazelaid necklace, only to be informed that the style/color I want are out of stock. Damn it. I agreed to wait and I found out it just shipped a few days ago.

Meanwhile, also on the website are amber bead necklaces. These claim that the amber will cure pain. Headaches, muscle aches, arthritis, teething pain (in Europe, they put them on tiny children to ease the pain of teething), whatever your problem. Come on, right? Well, another thing about me is that I get regular headaches. I always have. My whole life. I usually have headaches more often than not, but they’re usually tolerable. When they get bad, I take pills. This is why I keep a tiny bottle of assorted pain relievers in my house, at work, and in my purse. (are you seeing a pattern here?)

I looked at the amber necklace and thought, “why the heck not?” For $20 bucks? Seemed like a lot for a bead necklace, but if it works, then it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than buying Tylenol, Advil, and Aleve all the time. They had it in stock and they shipped it immediately. It arrived at my home on August 20th. I put it on, that second and have been wearing it since. You are supposed to wear it daily, which is the only drawback. Necklaces are the only jewelry I change regularly and now I have this less-than-attractive amber necklace that never matches to wear? But who cares, if it works.

Well, I can report that since August 20th, I have only had one headache. One. And that was on the only day I did NOT wear the necklace. I took it off one day to see. If I don’t have a headache without it, then how do I know it is working? The day I didn’t wear it, I got a headache pretty early on in the morning and it increased all day. I got a massage at work later that same day and while that helped ease the head pain, it also ended up giving me a kink in the back (student didn’t do something right…). I got home from work and put my necklace on. Within an hour-ish (not really sure, wasn’t clocking it) my pain was gone. G.O.N.E. No more head pain–at all. Back pain–disappeared.

This necklace is amazing. I’m actually floored by this. How does everyone not know about it? Why isn’t the whole world wearing them and putting Tylenol out of business? For $20, I’m cured? I am in love.

Now, of course, I can’t wait until my acid-reflux necklace arrives. It might actually save me. Any day now, it will arrive and I haven’t been this excited for something in years.

The down side to this? Probably only that now I’ll believe even more when I see an advertisement for that all new “miracle” product.  This could cost me a fortune…

6 thoughts on “Magic Necklace

  1. You suck… i am this close to ordering a necklace for general health and well being and maybe some help with my psoriasis… might order the necklace that has both hazelwood and amber… seems like the best of both worlds… must deliberate…

    • HI KTO!!! It’s so good to see you on my blog. How’s things?

      And you SHOULD buy the necklace. I only bought them separate because I didn’t think I’d need the amber one every day.

      Love them love them love them.

  2. Did you ever get to try the Hazelwood necklace? I am trying one right now but i am looking for others out there. Also, how did the Amber necklace go, did it continue to work? I am looking for a pain reliever for my mothers arthritis, so i am looking at all my options. Thanks 🙂

    • Yes, I bought and used both. I thought the Hazelwood worked very well for my acid reflux, however, it only lasts about 3-4 months. The amber necklace still works. I don’t wear it every day, but when I have or anticipate pain, headaches or general aches, I put it on and it eases that pain.

      Of the two, I’d go with the amber. It doesn’t seem to “wear out” and is more helpful long term. You can use it when you need it, unlike the Hazelwood, which you have to wear every day.

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