Healthy as a Horse

First of all, that’s a weird phrase.

Second, I’ll look it up later, I don’t have time right now.

Third, in my truly healthy lifestyle, so far today I’ve eaten:

2 fun size Milky Way bars

2 Hershey nuggets

1 mini Tootsie-roll

For lunch I will be sharing pizza at my staff meeting.

For dinner, I’m going to my first ever Twins game, so ballpark junk.

Did you catch the part about the Twins? New field! Going tonight! Pray that the rain holds off for us. I’m so excited.

Man, I really need some vegetables.

3 thoughts on “Healthy as a Horse

  1. Well, I guess the pickle relish on the hot dogs should count! LOL
    I’m SOOOOOO happy that we went to the Twins game. It was great. I can’t wait to go again…

  2. I wonder if they have a TMJ mecklace. Or a help me to sleep and stay asleep necklace? Do you have Wen? I’ve been so tempted so many sleepless nights of watching that infomercial!

    • You commented on the wrong post. It confused me momentarily. I looked it up and the baltic Amber necklace is supposed to help chronic pain, which would include TMJ. So yes. And yes, I have Wen. I don’t like it. You are welcome to try it at any time.

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