Go visit Google. Right now. Today.

If you’re reading this and it isn’t today…I’d still go look, in case, but don’t get too excited.

If you use Google regularly (and I do mean Google, not Yahoo! or any other internet site, but actually then you’ve probably seen their Doodles. This is when they change the logo or “artsy” it up to represent some cool happening in the world. You can click on the Doodle and it will take you to a web page to find out more information. I love these things. I visit Google just to see the new Doodles.

Today, I visited and saw the Doodle. It’s pretty much the coolest by far, as it has a life of its own and responds to the movement of your mouse. Super neat. Then the crazy balls that fling all over the page will resettle themselves (if you stop moving your mouse) and form the word Google. Neat. I tried everything I could think of to click on the Doodle and find out what it means. Doesn’t work.

Eventually, I had to “google” it to find out. It took some work only to find that no one really knows why. There is no explanation…yet. The closest explanation I found, which is simply a hypothesis, put forth by NPR, (there is a picture of the page for those who missed it. It isn’t interactive, so not nearly as cool, but at least you can see it) is that it is to celebrate Google’s birthday. I don’t know. Maybe. I found several online discussion boards that are debating what it could possibly mean (people have too much time on their hands…I feel weird blogging about it!) and offering several theories. I’m hoping Google will eventually say, especially after I found:

Google Doodles

That page gives you a complete history of the Doodles (in case you had no idea what I’ve been talking about this whole time) by date, along with what they mean and animated pictures of them. It’s pretty cool. Some of them are really impressive.

At any rate, I have no idea what is going on, but I am incapable of ceasing the need to flip over to Google and play with the crazy, bouncing balls. It’s fun. And, just in case, Happy Birthday Google.


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