There seems to be a prevailing theme here on my blog. Change and hardship. I certainly never intended for this to be the path, but sometimes our only choice is to follow.

Thursday, I wrote a post about being dissatisfied. I mentioned how I was sad all day and feeling like I was going to cry. I’m so rarely like that I felt compelled to write the blog. Then, mere minutes after posting, I got some heartbreaking news.

My good friend, Peter, committed suicide late Wednesday evening.

Maybe someday, maybe soon, maybe eventually, I’ll write about this, but for now, I just can’t. It’s too much.

All I can really say is goodbye.

6 thoughts on “Loss

    • Thanks, KTO. I appreciate your words. I don’t know what to say either, so don’t feel bad about that. It is extremely difficult to find words right now.

  1. i know the service is today. i hope you can find some solace in it. it is such a hard thing to comprehend and to get over. very sorry for pete, his family, and for you too. strength and courage to you.

    • Thank you. I am on my way there now. Well, shortly at any rate. I appreciate the comfort and the graceful use of solace. Made me smile.

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