What Kind of World…

…allows people to be completely terrible at their jobs and still get paid?

…allows people to blow off deadlines with a complete disregard for the people involved and still keep their jobs?

…allows people to screw over hardworking librarians without the mafia getting involved for payback?

Okay, I might have gone overboard on the third one.

I’ve been putting off updating about my house because I was hoping the update would include the good news, “I officially own my home!!!” but, as this process has moved out of the annoyance neighborhood into the much pricier beyond-absurd neighborhood, I felt it was time to share.

Here’s the scoop.

I was supposed to close on September 30. I moved the closing back ONE DAY in order to save myself some money. Closing was then set for October 1. Because the idiot mortgage b***h (henceforth referred to as IMB) I hired is incapable of doing her job in a professional manner, we had to bump the closing back one week to October 8.

On October 6, roughly 36 hours before the scheduled closing, I was told that everything was set and I headed off to do my final walk-through with my realtor. At the final walk-through, Sonya was reminding me of things I needed prepared for the closing. She mentioned a cashier’s check. I said that I didn’t need one, because according to my IMB, I only needed to bring about $30 to closing.

Sonya said that she had a different story, nearly two weeks earlier. I told her that IMB hadn’t been in contact with me at all during those two weeks. Last I had heard from her, we were set and she’d let me know when we had final approval, which she did not do. Then, crickets…for almost two weeks, right before closing. (She’s super professional, right?)

Sonya said that she had been told that my grant from the state was not approved and now I owed thousands of dollars at the closing. She also said that when she spoke with IMB nearly two weeks earlier, IMB said she had told me this already. This was blatantly untrue.

Sony and I headed to IMBs office, where I found out that it was true, I didn’t get the grant. They didn’t have a number to give me at the time, but it could be in the THOUSANDS of dollars that I would have to pay in order to close. Obviously, given the fact that I applied for a grant from the state, I don’t HAVE thousands of dollars and I sure as hell can’t scrape it together in less than 36 hours. IMB started arguing that this was MY fault and I screwed up. All of which is completely untrue, IMB is just 100% incompetent at her job.

As we left her office, Sony said to me, “what a b***h!”, which is surprising on a number of levels. But still very true.

I then spoke to Sony for a while and told her that I probably couldn’t close and would have to back out, unless a miracle occurred, because I couldn’t come up with more money. And at that point, backing out would cost me the $1000 I had already put into this sale.

I headed home to cry on my mother’s shoulder and then cry some more. I really thought that this wasn’t happening and I wasn’t getting my house. That was one week ago today.

Then, my mother had a brilliant idea. What if we asked the sellers to pay closing costs? We hadn’t asked for it in the original purchase agreement, because the grant was supposed to cover my closing costs and I could present a more attractive offer to the seller. But, what if we asked now? It sucks to do so at the 11th hour, but if it has to happen for the sale to go through, they might be willing, rather than start all over.

Now, I want to take a second and mention something else. When I was originally offering on the house, way back in July, IMB talked me into offering MORE money on the house than I wanted to. She said that in order to qualify for the state grant, I had to offer a higher amount, then I’d get the full grant and have money to cover the closing costs and a one year home warranty, plus enough left over to pay the first month’s interest on my mortgage. So, against my better judgment, because IMB convinced me it was a financially smart move, I offered more than I thought the house was worth.

Now, fast forward to the present day and finding out the money didn’t come through.

After the disaster that was last Wednesday, the only solid decision I made was to fire IMB. I told Sonya that I didn’t trust this woman after how much she had screwed up. I still didn’t know if I was getting my house, but if it went through, she was to have NOTHING to do with it. So, now I have a new guy.

Sonya met with new guy last Thursday and they tried to get this figured out, but what they came up with for a $ amount was more than I could afford. I then pitched, to Sonya, my mother’s idea of asking the sellers. Sonya wasn’t comfortable with that plan, but I told her to do it anyway. This was the only way. So, we asked, and, lucky for me, the sellers agreed to pay all but $500 of the closing costs. I have to pay that. That is certainly more reasonable. Not great news, sure, but I’ll just have to live without some of the things I was planning to buy for my new house.

Okay, so the sellers agreement meant I could get the house, but we had to rewrite the purchase agreement. Since this deal went through about 18 hours before the scheduled closing, we had to move it back. They couldn’t get the paperwork done in time. We then scheduled the closing for Monday, 10-11-10.

Well, Monday rolled around and I was supposed to hear from Sonya at noon, to finalize the time. Noon came and went. One came and went. Two came and went. At three, I called her and she said that we had to reschedule for Tuesday. I was frustrated, but agreed. We rescheduled for 5 pm Tuesday night. (Last night).

Tuesday afternoon, I got a text from Sonya that they still didn’t have final approval. Now, I was told we had final approval over a week ago, so this was especially frustrating to me. We bumped the closing back from 5pm to 7pm last night.

At 5 pm, I called Sonya and got no response. I heard back from her about 6pm, letting me know it didn’t happen and we had to bump it Wednesday…today.

So, Sonya said she expected to hear by 9am this morning and she would call me right away and we’d set up a time to do the closing. Check your clocks, people. It’s 10:30am and I still haven’t heard from her.

Anyone want to place a wager on whether or not it happens today?

I’m voting for the 12th of never. That’s the way it feels at this point.

Seriously, if I told my boss I was going to have something done on October 1st and by October 13th I still hadn’t gotten anything to him but excuses, I’m pretty sure I’d be fired. FIRED. So why the hell is the mortgage industry allowed to get away with it?

What the hell kind of world are we living in, anyway?

6 thoughts on “What Kind of World…

  1. I am truly sorry that this whole process has been so awful for you. I know you, and how important it is to you to have good experiences, memorable experiences, Sometimes people do just suck!!! Your good memories will begin soon enough, and we will be sure to make MANY of them.
    Love you 🙂

    • Thank you. And more than you will ever know, thanks for being there each step of the way and listening through countless hours of me crying and complaining and ranting over those whole process. You’ve been my anchor-you got me through. Love you so much.

  2. Hoo boy, that one takes the cake. So sorry, Liv. So what happened next? Hope something good happens soon. Good idea to fire her ass.

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