Wrap It Up

I’m guessing, if you read my previous post, you’re wondering how it all shook out? I figured I’d share the scoop.

Wednesday went pretty much the same as the previous day. Me, changing my life around and cancelling appointments in order to accommodate everyone and getting screwed over time and time again. It didn’t happen Wednesday.

Thursday I was busy at work…all day. Still, I carved out two possible times to get this done. 10:30 and 3:30. I told Sonya that my preference was 10:30. She called me back and said 3:00.

This was the moment I lost my tenuous grip on control, on calm. I was mad, people!. I’d done enough giving and I just wanted my f*#$ing house! I told Sonya no. 3:00 wouldn’t work, as I’d already said, it had to be 3:30. She said that didn’t work for the title company. I got fed up and said that I don’t care. I’d moved enough stuff and it is MY workday that we’re messing with. She then wanted to move it to after work. I said no–I already had to work late to try and catch up on all the stuff I didn’t get done while dealing with this crap all week.

I said 3:30. No more options.

She tried to change it…again. I lost my temper. I called Sonya, my friend, and yelled at her in her voicemail. I told her I was sick of being the one to bend. I said that I am the client and others should bend for me, not the other way around. I told her it was happening that afternoon, at 3:30, no more excuses. I said if the title company couldn’t make it work, we would get another title company. There’s plenty of those running around. I also said that if Sonya couldn’t make it work, I’d call her boss and see if he could get the job done for me.

It wasn’t nice. But I do think it was necessary.

Eventually, I got my way, which is a bit of a joke, because none of this went “my way”. But, Sonya and Jessica came to do the closing paperwork on Thursday afternoon at 3:30. However, because of some reason, they didn’t have my keys ready, so I STILL didn’t actually have my house. Then, they had the audacity to tell me that it was my responsibility to go and pick them up the next day at Sonya’s office. At noon. Sigh–this entire process was bullshit, from start to finish.

But, Friday at noon I took possession of my keys and finally, finally, FINALLY, I was a home owner.

Because of a promise I made to my mom, I didn’t get to go to my new house until about 5:30 that evening. For the very first time. My mom wanted a picture of me unlocking my front door for the first time, so I promised her I would wait until she could be there to go and unlock the door. The picture is very cute, but I don’t have a copy to share. I’m going to print one, frame it and leave it on my mantle, so come and visit if you want to see.

When I got to the house, it turned out that Sonya had been there and left me presents. She left me towels in both of the bathrooms and the kitchen and soaps in all those rooms as well. She also left me a brand-new bottle of my favorite bourbon as a homecoming gift. It was very sweet of her and it made coming home to my new house so much more memorable.

Friday night, I just hung there with family and a few friends that dropped by. I got to show off my house some and just be there. Just be. It was good.

Saturday, my mom and I ran errands and bought the paint for the master bath. She then proceeded to paint the bath in about four hours. It was impressive. I taped and puttered and chatted at her for assistance. Now, my bathroom is finished and I can’t wait for the rest!

Sunday, I didn’t even go there. I worked all day at Hamline and then decided to wait until my trip there on Monday night to check out the dried bathroom paint. (It looks amazing!)

Monday, I bought the paint for the bedroom and my mom and I went over to get started painting that, after work. Unfortunately, the color I picked was Behr and so I bought Behr paint. Terrible idea. Behr paint sucks. It was like painting with pea soup. So thick it barely spread on the walls. Plus, it showed every brush stroke. I am not happy. Now I have to take it back to Home Depot and see if they’ll give me a refund on this terrible paint. Then I have to find a different brand and get them to color match to my sample, because one wall is nearly done and I love the color. Just another headache. Gee, owning a home is so much fun. (Kidding, I really am enjoying this and the closing was such a horrendous process that this all seems like a cakewalk).

I also need to buy a new light fixture for the entryway, because the one that is in there is circa 1985 and it’s very obvious that it is.

So, painting and prepping is the daily task (you know, after work and all) for all my days. Moving day is scheduled for 10/30. I hope to move everything on that day. Then it will be all about the unpacking. Can’t wait.

I’m churning with excitement for the moment when I walk in the door and it’s all finished and it looks the way I envision it and it finally feels like it is mine.

That will be the wrapping that makes it all worth it.


4 thoughts on “Wrap It Up

  1. Congratulations. Sounds like it was so incredibly ugly. I’m glad you finally got your house. I’m sure you needed the bourbon by the time you got the house. It should be a cakewalk from here. Enjoy your new home sweet home.

    • Thanks J3! I can’t wait to have you over. It is nice to have a house and now I’m having so much fun decorating and getting it all set up.

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