Chivalry IS Dead

My thing lately is to run about town dropping $100 or more, wherever I go. Okay, not really, but that is what it feels like. Every store I go to, I need so much stuff the final totals are always a bit scary.

Take yesterday, for instance. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond, where I seem to spend quite a bit of my time lately. I was on the hunt for an ottoman that I knew they carried there. It is a black, leather, storage ottoman. I’ve been coveting it for my living room. I’ve priced them all over town and this one is the cheapest at $60, plus it comes with a bonus mini-ottoman! I don’t know what I’ll use the mini for…probably seating for little children, it is just tiny.

At any rate, I got a 20% off coupon from BB&B and that’s how I knew it was time to buy my ottoman. Both for $48 is a steal. So, I hit the store and immediately find about 50 other things I can use. Grrr. It is harder than you think to have nothing, because then you need EVERYTHING. But, I contained myself and only bought a broom/dustpan (need), rags for cleaning (need), and LED tealights (want).

I bet you’re wondering where I’m going with this….

Well, I want you to picture me in your head. Great. Now add a walking cast to my left leg, from foot to knee. Okay, now place me inside of a BB&B. Now, sling my hand-held purse over my left arm. Add a basket, containing tealights and rags. In that same left hand, now, somehow, add a broom/dustpan set. In my right arm, add a 15″ square ottoman.

Do I look a bit…overwhelmed?

I was. It was a lot. I should have had a cart. But the carts were at the front of the store and I didn’t think I needed one when I ran in for “just an ottoman”. So, I limp my way to the front and the man rings me up. He then eyeballs all of my stuff and I am sure he’s trying to picture me carrying it to my car. He then shoves it toward me and says, “have a good evening.”


So, I gather up all that stuff and begin the slow and steady gimp toward my car. Here’s where it gets good.

As I approach the doors to BB&B, they are communal in/out doors–so everyone enters and exits through the same door. They’re automatic, but not very large. I am headed out when the doorway is suddenly blocked by three men. These are not boys. Men. Late 40s to early 50s. Men. They spotted me in the doorway and instead of waiting or stepping to the side to allow me to pass, they just shoved right past ME, forcing me to the edge and to pause and wait so I could make it out the door.

I mean, come on!

I’m not asking for much here, just a little common courtesy. Protocol dictates that you allow someone to exit a space before entering, so I had the right of way anyway. But beyond that, given that my hands are full of packages and I am limping, these jackasses should have waited.

If chivalry were truly alive, then at least one of the three would have offered to help carry my packages to the car. But given that they wouldn’t even pause to let me pass, wishing for assistance was like wishing for the moon.

Lack of electricity and indoor plumbing aside, the days of knights and fair maidens doesn’t sound so bad…


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