That would be five MINUTES and 28 SECONDS -or- the length of time for my first ever performance review at Hamline. I have worked at Hamline for three years and three months and I’ve never had a review. Historically, they don’t give reviews to PT staff in the library. I don’t know why, but they don’t. So, while I’ve had a couple raises since starting there (at least prior to the budget freeze), I’ve never sat down with anything regarding my job performance.

For reasons unknown to me, the administration has decided that 2010 is the year that ALL employees will be reviewed and they sent out a form. My bosses then filled out the “goals” section uniformly across all PT employees–so we all have the same goals. 1. Be more ethically diverse and recommend resources that support diversity. (I already do this)

2. Help students meet their information needs through my engaged and professional manner. (I already do this).

That’s it! Two goals for the next year and I already do both. Check that off my to do list.

Onto personal evaluation:

“Olivia has exhibited her dedication to Hamline by continuing to work as a reference librarian in addition to her full -time job. We are grateful to her for this as well as her cheerful attention to our patrons who need her help. Her calm and pleasant demeanor provides a welcoming environment for our student researchers. She meets all expectations for this position.” That is word-for-word from my bosses.

We met as a “phone conference” so I didn’t have to stop by at night and they didn’t have to come in on Sundays, and I read the document, they thanked me for my service. I thanked them for the kind (and true) words, and we discussed the goals. Discussed = them saying “these are the goals” and me saying “I already do both those things”.

And that was it. Thankyouverymuch.

5:28. I’m just sayin’ I love Hamline and their laid-back, casual form of running a business. Suits me just fine.


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