Housing Haps

I’ve been intending to blog regularly about getting my house set up. Then I would have an official record of the process, complete with photos.

How’s that working out for me?

Essentially, I work six days a week and around work, I go spend obscene amounts of money and stop by the house to do little projects. My mom is painting.

That’s about it. ¬†The whole story in 70 words or less.

As Cher Horowitz would say, “As IF!”

(Bonus points if you understood the reference).

Really, that was a pretty complete summary, but there are a few things I’d like to recall.

-My parents doing everything in their power to talk me out of painting my kitchen cabinets (might be working…)

-My dad cleaning out his attic to get rid of stuff in my house.

-My mom telling me to watch my spending and then ooohing and aaahing over what I bought, all in the same breath

-My siblings being jackasses and not being people I can count on (okay, I don’t really WANT to remember this)

-Getting excited to walk down the aisle at Menard’s that sells sinks

-Planning how I am going to do my holiday decorations with my mom

-Reaffirming that my mom is the best friend/family member a girl could ever want

-Talking Melissa (the paint girl at Home Depot–yeah, I’m there alot) into taking back the terrible Behr paint and then stopping by on a daily basis. She recognizes me when I walk in.

-Dreaming about cinnamon scented pinecones in my house.

-The moment when Mindy stopped by and I was changing hardware in my kitchen and she said to me, “I’ve never seen you with a screwdriver in your hand. I had no idea you were handy.” (I hide it well, but I am pretty handy).

-Finding little ways to express myself in my home–like a purse hook right inside the door

-Getting five painting estimates and judging them with my gut. I was right on.

-Being able to call Mark and ask him questions

-Planning my housewarming (I’m headed for 12/11/10….mark your calendars!)

-Realizing that Bed, Bath, & Beyond could be my favorite store

-Realizing that Elena was right–this won’t feel like home until my books move in.

Just small moments and little things, but they’re the pieces that are snapping together to build my home. I’m so excited. Finally.


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