Vince Flynn

Last Thursday night, I took a break from my house and spent an evening at Border’s in Woodbury. One of my favorite authors, Vince Flynn, was there to promote his new novel, American Assassin. He did a 15 minute talk and then a 20 minute Q&A before signing copies.


I’ve read every book he’s written and I just love them. He writes an ongoing series about a main character and his job working for the CIA and fighting terrorism. In this new book, he decided to write the beginning and tell us HOW this character came to have this job and his beginnings. I am so excited for this book I can barely stand it. For one, I don’t buy hardcover books, I get them from the library so I can read them right away and then I buy the paperback if it is something I want to own. But, I wanted it signed, so I bought the expensive hardcover. Now, it is signed and personalized to me from Vince Flynn.


That’s him, looking up to answer a question as he signs my book. Awesome, right?


In that one, he was greeting the person after me in line, I had stepped aside to snap another photo of him. (He’s so handsome…for an author).

It was fun and very informative, as he talked about the book of his they are making into a movie. It just happens to be my very favorite of the series so far, Consent to Kill. I am sure it was many people’s favorites, as it was an excellent book. Right now they are in the process of casting who will play the main character. He was telling us about how they go about casting and the actors that are interested. Now I can’t wait to find out who “wins”.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. And, though I am dying to read the new book, I’ve been so busy lately I don’t feel I can give it my full attention. Therefore, I decided that once I am moved in and settled, it will be the first book I read in my new home.

What a great use for a Vince Flynn book! Now I will always have a special relationship with this series of books and this new (personalized!) book in particular.

Can’t wait!



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