1st Halloween

Nope, not MY first Halloween at my new house (that’s coming next) but instead, babycakes’ 1st Halloween. This post is also going to coincide with her 7 month photos as she turned on October 29th.

I had bought her a little 1st Halloween jammie set and dressed her up for the event. Her cousin Simon had made a bat for decoration. We also used the hat he wore for his bee costume for a few photos.

The mini-pumpkin she is gnawing on is part of her Halloween gift from me, it was stuffed with little, baby Halloween socks.

Here we go!


I know, not the best, but I think she looks like a superhero in this one. With her shadowy face and the bat silhouette behind her…is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Super Bat-Baby!


My mom kept laughing because she said the bat makes it look like she has horns. Ah well!


I like this, surrounded by pumpkins, even though she isn’t paying me any attention at all.



Are you looking at me?


Grandma was trying different props and this one made her giggle but when we tried to hang it up, she would crane around to look at it:




In this one, you can see both the mini-pumpkin I gave her and the socks





Gee? Do you think I took enough photos of her in her jailbird jammies?
And now, for my favorite:
Happy 1st Halloween and 7 month birthday babycakes!

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