Cream Soda and Water

Here’s something odd. Yesterday, I bought a bottle of Cream Soda. I love that stuff. Deeeelish.

Well, I got busy and didn’t finish it all. So, I tightened the cap to keep it from going flat and stuck it in my mini-fridge at work. Today (a few minutes ago) I am doing a chat session. There is no one chatting with me, so I am just chained to my desk. I was thirsty and opened up my fridge. Aha! I forgot I had a half-full bottle of cream soda.

I pulled it out and tried to open it. It didn’t work. I twisted, I tugged, I turned, to no avail. That sucker wasn’t opening. I asked a male student. Then two. Then three. Not one of them could get it to budge. It was so tight it felt like it was permanent.

I kept twisting the cap until my hand turned red and started to hurt.

Then, I had an epiphany. Why not use the solution I use for nearly every other aspect of my life? Google!

I was sitting at my desk and I googled “can’t open my pop bottle”. In seconds, I had tons of solutions to my problem. Some of them were ridiculous “go next door and ask your neighbor” being my favorite, but some of them were smart. “Twine a rubber band around the cap to give it grip” which makes sense. Of course, I didn’t see that one until after I saw this one “run just the cap under hot water to expand the plastic”.

I got up, went into the bathroom, turned the water on HOT, and stuck the cap underneath. I counted to 15 (my lucky number) and pulled it out. Still wet, I tried turning the cap and it slipped off in my hand like it was greased with butter. It was unbelievable. It was so easy and took no time at all.

Seriously? What ISN’T on the internet?

2 thoughts on “Cream Soda and Water

  1. That is very interesting. You are the google queen. I was having a hard time teaching inferencing this week. My lessons weren’t going well and I even googled for some new lessons. Still, I wasn’t happy. Then I decided to actually google how do I teach inferencing. I wouldn’t want anyone to know I clearly don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Then voila! Like magic I had the perfect TWO day lesson! I was shocked and amazed and not ashamed! I love google!

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