All Saints’ Day

The next day, I was back at work. I was extremely disappointed because I had hoped to have this day off to work on getting my house in order. Still, it was fine.

Toward the end of my work day, I had talked to my mom about bringing Simon by to see my new house. He’d never been there and I wanted to see him. He was also a fireman for Halloween, though I have no pictures of him. My mom agreed to bring him over for dinner, and on impulse, I called the Humphreys for a “take-two” of the night before.

They were free and on their way.

Somehow, Kelly managed to get her kids dressed in costumes, but NOT the same costumes I had seen them in the night before. In less than 24 hours, I saw V and C dressed in two different Halloween costumes–EACH!

This time, C was Spiderman and V was Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz).


Standing on my flower well….

The three kids were there to play-and somehow, luckily, we got Simon practically in full costume. That is how we got this adorable photo of the three kids.


They are all three smiling…they are looking to the side because that is where I was, acting the goofball to get them to smile. I love that they are sitting in front of a roaring fire and that you can see my new pumpkin that Aunt Judy made me, and that Victoria is sitting so lady-like. Just adorable these three are!

We all had pizza (Broadway…yum!) and played and had fun. It was a perfectly enjoyable first worknight in my new house. I am so grateful to Kelly for always being willing to drop everything and come share the excitement of my new home. It takes a true friend to rearrange plans and daily life just to help me feel like my time in my new home is special. She will probably never know how wonderful it feels that she went out of her way so many times and how it really did leave me with extra-special memories of this exciting time.

After the Humphrey’s left, my mom and I played with Simon in my house. Simon discovered my old-fashioned alarm clock, and after I showed him how it worked, he went crazy making the alarm go off. He’d order us to “go to sleep!” and then seconds later he’d set off the alarm, causing us to “wake up” wildly and with flourishes and then he’d giggle like a maniac and we’d do it all again. For like a half an hour!

Then, as they were leaving, I asked Simon if he liked Auntie Livi’s new house. His reply?

“Yes. And I really like your bed, it’s got a lot of flowers.”

Bedroom Haven

And it really does.

What a delight he is!


4 thoughts on “All Saints’ Day

    • I don’t know why you’d feel guilty about missing moving day. My own siblings couldn’t be bothered…you have nothing to feel guilty about. I never expected you (or really even wanted you there:) but I’d have taken your husband in two seconds!)

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