First Halloween

This time we’re talking about MY Halloween.

I moved in the day before. My neighbors said that they don’t get too many trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood, so I wasn’t too worried. I was mostly planning on skipping the whole thing…but.

On moving day, Clayton and Lewie were there to help me and as we were carrying in boxes, Clay (6.5 years old) noticed some boxes said Halloween on them. When he found out they were decorations, he wanted to help me decorate my house. I figured it would keep him busy, so we did.

Front Walk

They helped me put up the lanterns and the luminaries (but during the day…).


They did the crash landed witch all by themselves. And every single person who came by my house that day got dragged over to see her.

Witchy Boys

They also posed with the witch….

And there were a few other choice decorations, but I chose to NOT put them out, as I knew I’d be taking them right back down in about 48 hours, so why bother?

Then, on actual Halloween, my first morning waking up in my new house. It was surreal, I’ll tell ya. I didn’t sleep particularly well that first night, or really, the first week. New noises and lights are not conducive to sleeping. Still, it was overall a fantastic Halloween and a fantastic first day.

My MFA–that’s my Aunt Judy–dropped by to bring me a pumpkin she had sewn for my new house. It is adorable. I also gave her the flat sheet that came with my sheet set and asked her to make me a valance for my new bedroom.

About 5:15, my doorbell rang. I was expecting some special visitors, so I was excited. It was not my friends, it was neighborhood kids. I gave out candy…and candy…and candy. Then, eventually, the Martell’s showed up to visit me. Clayton was dressed as some sort of Star Wars character and Lewie was a fighter-fighter. (Firefighter).


They were my first invited guests for Halloween. While they were there and playing, I had several more trick-or-treaters. I gave Clay and Lew their Halloween presents and pretty soon, they had to leave for more trick-or-treating elsewhere.

Not too long after that (and in the midst of many more neighborhood children) I had some other special visitors. Victoria and Christian popped over. Kelly was dressed in the most ridiculous adult-sized Scooby Doo costume I’ve ever seen, which made me giggle like a maniac. Unfortunately, things were chaotic while they were there and I forgot to get a picture. I also did not get a picture of V and C in their holiday finery…but I do have snapshots of them.

Mark and Scooby

Mark, who had snagged what would turn out to be precious pieces of candy and that little lump of Scooby sitting next to him is Kelly.

Just kidding! That’s Christian in the miniature version of his mommy’s costume.

Victoria and the Bat

There’s V, who was dressed as Daphne from Scooby Doo, playing with my battery-operated bat. That thing was a huge hit with the little kiddies. It “flies” all on its own when you turn it on.

My nephew was supposed to visit at this same time, so they could all play together. Unfortunately, his mother had a hectic day and did not get him down here in time. He actually didn’t show up until 10:00 PM!

The Humphrey’s left, amidst more and more trick-or-treaters. I kept popping up and hopping down the stairs to answer the door. People said I should have just sat at the door and handed out candy. But that would have been weird.

Shortly after 8pm, I decided to call it quits. I was nearly out of candy (fortunately, I had hit the Target sales and stocked up for myself–not anticipating so many little faces), having used almost everything on hand. I was going to have to resort to giving out pennies if things went on too much longer. But, being a Sunday, it died down around 8:00 and so I just shut off my lights and called it quits.

Grand total?

Invited Halloween Children: 4

Invited Halloween Adults: 5

UNinvited Halloween Children: about 60!

Uninvited Halloween Adults: 1 (my sister, who stopped by to drop off a free TV, so she was a welcome univited drop by)

It was fantastic. I love Halloween and I haven’t given out candy in years. A couple kids last year at my sister’s house, because I was jonesing for the experience. Now, fear no more, I have my own house to decorate and pass out candy. I can’t wait until next year!

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