Clouds On Fire

Last week, I was in Woodbury (not surprising since I work there), but I was visiting Michaels for some home decor. As I stepped outside, on my way home, I noticed the most amazing thing.

The sky was lit up from the sunset and these black clouds had rolled in. The total effect was that the clouds looked like they were on fire.

I stopped, in the center of Michaels’ parking lot and fished my phone out of my purse so I could take a picture. I was shocked that no one else around me seemed to be looking up. How could you not notice and not appreciate such magnificence?

Clouds 4

See? That is from the parking lot.

Then, as I drove home, the view kept changing, the clouds were moving, the sun kept sinking; and in the ten minutes that it took me to get home, this is the changes.

Clouds 3

Clouds 7

Clouds 6

Clouds 5

Clouds 11

You’ll notice that the clouds themselves seem to be changing color. Just wait…

Clouds 2

Clouds 11


Then, I crested a ridge and could see the lower edge of the clouds. The sun was blaring through behind them, and it looked like this:

Clouds 8

Isn’t that incredible? I thought so…I even took a second one!

Clouds 1

Finally, when turning onto my street, the sun was almost down and the sky directly over my head (i.e. out of my sunroof) looked like this:

Clouds 9

And that was my drive home on Wednesday of last week. It was amazing and glorious and I hope you got to enjoy a piece of it (if not…well, that’s why I blogged it!).

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