First Flowers

My neighbors to the south, Tom and Marlene, are incredibly nice people. I had met him when I was still offering on the house and then I saw him several times as I was visiting and each time, he always mentioned his wife. After seeing him a half dozen times or more, I started to wonder if he made his wife up, as I had never seen her.

Then, on Halloween, she stopped by to introduce herself and she brought me a beautiful fall bouquet of flowers to welcome me to the neighborhood. I don’t get flowers very often, but I sure do love them!

I had to improvise a vase (I didn’t own one at that point) but I put them out on my dining room table.


(And YES, that is my very own trivet. I’m such a grown-up!)

Close Up

And a close up to show how pretty they are.

In the bouquet were two gorgeous orange roses, and I thought they deserved their own display, not to be lost inside with all the other flowers. So, I pulled them and put them on my mantle.

The roses were just incredible. Here’s the first one:

Rose 2

And the second…

Rose 1

Obviously taken while both were in full bloom, but, surprisingly, that color is very true to life.

I know, it’s a bit dorky to take pictures of flowers, but they were beautiful and the first gift I’ve ever gotten from my very own neighbor. Dorky or not, it’s a memory I want to keep.

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