First Sleepover

On November 6th, I had Kelly over to be my first sleepover in my new house. I kind of feel like she’s been waiting 20 years for me to have a place for her to come and sleep over. She LOVES to spend the night. Loves it–like an addiction with her. As that was her birthday weekend (Happy Birthday Kel!–for your neverending day) it seemed an appropriate time.

I had a super special present all picked out for her–something that she would love and that no one else on earth could give her. And then, she found out about it two days before. Damn it!

The present was that New Kids on the Block were touring again! Since that’s our thing, it seemed appropriate. So, I was giving her the gift of promising that we’d go, no matter where they were. (Which is a good thing, because the closest they’re coming is Chicago). Of course, on November 4th, she saw that they were going on tour and called me to tell me about it. I’d already known for over two weeks and had a surprise worked out for her. I should have known I couldn’t fool a rabid fan like her! But, I still gave her the gift, I just missed the joy of seeing how shocked she was and hearing her say “are you serious? is this a joke?” when she saw my present.

She came over while my mom was still there, painting. When mom finished up, we talked her into a glass of wine (or two) and some girl talk. It was fun. Then, after mom left, Kelly and I just sat around talking and then I pulled out a random box of unpacked stuff. It turned out to be terrific as it contained memories from high school and our days as the craziest bff girls around. There was even an old newspaper article about NKOTB!

We also drank and I let Kelly burn pizza rolls in my oven. I find myself relieved that I was NOT the first person to burn something in my house! Kelly claims she is a wizard at making pizza rolls and can smell when they’re done. Since we’ve made them together before, I know this to be true. However, something (and I’m not blaming the Mich Golden Light–much) went a little wonky in my house and we ended up with this:

To a Crisp

These got trashed. We also sang and laughed and danced around my kitchen. At one point, we put on Tim McGraw’s “Don’t Take the Girl” which is a song with a very long history for us (story for another time) and we ended up laying on my cold tile on my kitchen floor and singing along at the top of our lungs. We also took photos of ourselves doing this:

Sleeping During Don't Take the Girl

(We’re pretending we’re asleep and then we’d start singing at the top of our lungs again, don’t ask me why!?!)

I also have video, which I’ll spare you. It ain’t pretty, I promise. And Kelly will thank me for not sharing the video of her dancing to BEP’s “Boom Boom Pow”, which I’m telling her, is funnier than the lost video of her doing “Dirty Dancing” in the BW3s parking lot a couple winter’s ago. But I will save it for future blackmail purposes.

And I’m probably going to show Mark, because he’ll think it’s hilarious.


That was the last pic we took of us both. And it’s pretty cute considering its 1 am and several beers into the night!

Then we were sitting on my couch and she was asking me to save a picture to her phone. So I was helping with that and talking and the next time I looked up at her…sound asleep. Seriously, in the middle of the conversation.

Like any good friend, I gave her a pillow, tucked her in, and then took funny pictures of her. Isn’t that tradition? Never be the first one to fall asleep at a slumber party. I think it is a golden rule.

Jordan Loves Kelly

And, yeah, I got permission to post this. It’s pretty tame…but that is my Jordan Knight doll cavorting on her chest as she slumbers. It sure made me laugh!

And that is the tale of my very first slumber party at my new house!

2 thoughts on “First Sleepover

  1. My eyes are dripping with tears that is sooooo funny. So. . .are you up for more on Sat.?? I’ve never even liked Boom Boom Pow until that night. What’s up with the burnt rolls? I think I’ll blame it on the oven.

  2. Yes it is very funny. And no, not Saturday. You get me ALL day (9 am to 4 pmish) that’s going to have to hold you for a couple of weeks.

    I actually should show YOU the video. It’s freakin’ hysterical. Let me just say, “you’re either IN or you’re OUT”.

    And if you know what that means, I’m super impressed.

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