The Hundred Dollar Girl

Look at me, I’m the Hundred Dollar Girl.

Every single time I have to purchase something it costs a hundred dollars. One item or 20, it doesn’t seem to matter, the total is always $100.

It’s kind of depressing. I get scared to leave the house.

It’s like I’m in a spending frenzy and can’t come down off the high. But, I might just be the best Justifier (take that Timothy Olyphant!) in the universe, because in my head, every single item was a good purchase. I don’t know how I do it sometimes.

-it’s on sale

-I need it for my house

-I’m having ______over and need to be a good hostess

-it’s food

-toilet paper and laundry soap are necessities

-it might not be here when I come back (one of my favorites because, really, is that a REASON to buy something?)

-it’s expensive to set up a house

-my other one is old

-it’s a one time expense

and the list goes on and on. I tell myself that I have a good reason for every purchase and that they’re all necessary but then I see I’ve spent a hundred bucks at Target for the fifth consecutive day and I wonder what the hell has happened to my quiet, normal, life.

Well, that’s easy. I bought a house. And I’m not good at denying myself.

So, for now I’ll be the Hundred Dollar Girl and soon (December 1st), once I start paying my mortgage and utilities, I’ll curtail all the “fun” spending and just have to live on broken dreams and memories of the days when I could buy with impunity. Such was the life of 20-something girl. But, I keep reminding myself to be thankful I’m not Thousand Dollar Girl, but think of the stuff I’d own!



2 thoughts on “The Hundred Dollar Girl

  1. Lol very cute post, I often feel the same, it’s like money vanishes into thin air…and buyers remorse??? never! I ALWAYS have an excuse or imagined use for EVERYTHING I buy!!!

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