What a Difference a Day (or two) Makes!

On Wednesday, November 10th, I wore a short-sleeved tee to work. No coat. It was fabulous. Weather is never balmy in November at all, much less midway through!

When I left work that night, it was dark out and still warm enough that you really did not need a coat. I would guess it was in the mid fifties. I really don’t know. I just walked outside and wasn’t even chilly in my short sleeves, and it was windy out!

Something must have told me that this was it–because I stopped in the parking lot and took a couple self portraits to remind myself of this amazing weather.


(Proof that it was windy…! and cause for a retake)

November at Night

So, yes, there I am, at night, in short sleeves, in November.

The next day was Veteran’s Day and I have a full post forthcoming about that. Then we approached Friday. Temps had fallen, sure, but I still didn’t wear a coat, it wasn’t that cold out.

But when I woke up Saturday morning, this is what I saw:

First Snowfall 2010

We actually got a major snowfall, not the light dusting that we usually get. News reports stated we actually got about 8-10″ of snow (cumulative, as it started Friday night and snowed ALL DAY on Saturday).

Regardless, I am one happy girl. I love, love, love the first snowfall of the year. This year, because of my house (and especially my garage) I love it even more. Somehow, when you’re pushing snow, a foot thick, off your car with a broom and THEN scraping a 1/4″ of solid ice, the bloom falls off the rose a bit more quickly. (Translation: parking outside sucks). This year, I’m just so excited for Christmas and to decorate my new home in my own fashion. I’m thrilled to leave each day from my warm garage (holding steady at 52 degrees in there, so far). I love the fact that winter is here.

And I still haven’t worn a coat.

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