Well, evidently purging myself in the prior post invited warm Thanksgiving-y feelings this year. Which is my way of saying that this was perhaps the best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had.

It was dinner–and the food was exceptional this year, family (more on that in moments), a birthday celebration, games, and good conversation. All the makings of an excellent holiday. Everyone was on their best behavior and, for once, a holiday passed without significant family drama. What a relief! Even my grandmother was in a pleasant mood.

The hit of the day, was, of course, my little niece, babycakes. This was her very first Thanksgiving and we marked the occasion with a photo of her with every person.

With Grandma Kaye:


With Grandpa:


With Great-Grandma:


With her parents:


(Isn’t that a beautiful family photo?)

With her favorite Auntie Livi:


With her Mommy:


With her Daddy:


With her Uncle Zack:


(Ranking as one of the cutest pictures of 2010)

With her Kimmy:


With Grandpa and Great-Grandma:


So, there was lots of baby passing and general merriment. Babycakes also got to eat her first Thanksgiving dinner, which was a good one to start with, because it may just be the best that my mom ever made.




(Umm, not too sure…)


By golly, she likes it!

We also celebrated my dad’s birthday:


(He’s laughing at the present I got him, because he gave it to me after I asked him not to, and now he got it back…that’ll teach him.)


And here is a lovely shot of my dad with his mom:


So, you can see we all look happy and full and content in these pictures and we are. It was a wonderful day, and even though Zack won Hearts by Shooting the Moon, it was still a fun day and I am so thankful to have been able to enjoy it with my family.

Hopefully your Thanksgiving was equally fantastic!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. 1. Yes, beautiful family photo.
    2. Notice how Babycakes looks the happiest with your mom. But then again, so am I.
    3. What was the gift?!?
    4. Glad it was a good one. Maybe these bring holidays just get more tolerable as we get older.

    • 1. Agreed
      2. Actually, I thought she looked happiest in the photo with Zack. But I take your point….
      3. Answered in email
      4. Maybe so…I guess if the people around us would act more grown up they might be more enjoyable always!
      5. I love blog comments! (Especially ones that arrive in form of lists)

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