What IS that?

Just the other night, I was driving home and I was headed past the local movie theater. You know those giant light-up signs out front? The ones they use to display which movies are playing?

Well, from a few blocks away, there was this weird black blob on the center of the screen.

Man on Screen

As I got closer and closer, I still couldn’t tell what it was. Obviously, in the picture, I am right next to the screen. I could see, with my naked eye, what the blob was–but it still isn’t clear in the picture.

Any guesses?








It’s a person! That is, apparently, the man who climbs up there to manually change the names of the movies. In all my years, I have never seen anyone do that. Certainly not at night, in the snow, in the cold and dark. It was so strange. And how big are those freaking signs?!?!? Look how tiny the man looks…

Just a moment of enlightenment from me to you.

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