Cell Phone Uses

Before you read this story, you should read THIS story.

When you get to the part about “favorite librarian” that would be me. It’s not really clear…but it’s me. Trust me.

I was talking to Kelly on her cellphone at the time, because she had called to tell me about her library disaster. She has the worst luck at libraries, considering how much she uses them.

After all that hoopla, she ended up having to get out of the car to run IN to the bank to use the ATM. It was easier to leave Victoria in the car for the 45 seconds she was gone. I completely agree. Victoria is 4 1/2 years old, not a baby, but still, I offered to talk with her while Kelly is gone. That way, Victoria wouldn’t be completely alone.

Here’s a few of the highlights:

Me: Did you have preschool today?

V: Yes

Me: What was the daily question?

V: Do you like to swim? And guess what, NO ONE in my whole class said that they don’t like to swim. Everyone likes to swim.

Me: That’s amazing, I would have thought at least one or two of them might not have been swimming or might be afraid to swim.

V: No, everyone likes to swim.

Me: Okay.

~a few seconds later~

Me: Did you go to daycare today?

V: Yes

Me: Was it fun?

V: Yes. I got to choose two suckers

Me: Why?

V: When you sit down in the circle and are very quiet you get to choose two suckers.

Me: Well good for you for being so quiet.

V: I didn’t sit in the circle but I got to choose two suckers anyway.

Me: (laughter)

Me: Victoria, what’s your favorite thing to do at preschool?

V: Crafts

Me: Really? Why?

V: Because they’re fun (I felt like the “duh” was heavily implied)

Me: Okay. What’s your favorite thing to do at daycare?

V: Play with my brother.

Isn’t that so sweet? But, I have to say, she wasn’t as chatty as she normally is. If you know this girl, talking is one of her specialties. She gets that from her mom. But she was pretty quiet during this call, I was having to drag information out of her. I think she was actually nervous to be left in the car while her mom got out.

But, it was good and I was certainly happy to have had a little chat with her. She’s just delightful.

I sure can’t wait until January 22nd!

2 thoughts on “Cell Phone Uses

  1. Love. That. Story. For the record: she was tired. Rub your eyes tired. just wait, youi’ll see some eye rubbing on Jan. 22nd:) You can tell them that surprise tonight!!!!!!

    • Ah, tired totally explains it. I could tell she was off, but I just assumed.

      I was going to ask you about it on the phone that night, but then V said “Bye Owivia, my mommy will call you later”

      And that was that.

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