Synchronicity: Tom & Mindy Version

Here’s a bizarre little story for you.

My friends, Tom and Mindy, got married June 4, 2005. It is one of the coolest weddings I have ever been to, mostly because it was a surprise.

Yep, a surprise wedding. I got an invitation from them, to attend their housewarming party. They had moved into their home in April. The invitation said that they were doing a pinata and, if I remember right, a group photo of everyone, so they were insistent that we all be on time.

I never thought anything of it. I just made a point of being on time.

The party was good, lots of fun. At the designated time, they told everyone to gather on the lawn for the photo. People headed out that way.

Suddenly, Mindy and Tom came out of the house–all dressed up. Tom was in a suit and Mindy, well, she was in a white dress. They announced to everyone that instead of a group photo (which I think we still did…) they were throwing a wedding. Just then, a large bus came around the corner. Everyone piled on the bus and away we went. We took a nice driving tour through St. Paul and ended up…in Mounds Park, a half a block from their house! The bus was a ruse.

There was a minister waiting at the park and Mindy and Tom had a beautiful ceremony on the bluffs, overlooking the St. Paul skyline, at sunset.

It was gorgeous.


Unfortunately, that’s the best electronic photo I have of it. I was still in the days of film cameras back then. But that’s the newly legitimized Martell family, just moments after. Clayton was just over a year old.

There were hugs and kisses and congrats all around. Then photos galore.

Then it was back on the bus to head back to their house for the reception. I remember that on the bus, there was talk of Obbs for a cocktail, but it was vetoed for whatever reason.

Eventually, everyone was back at Tom and Mindy’s house for the reception. Food, excitement, and champagne toasts in their backyard. (No pics…Curse the analog ages!)

Again, I must say, one of the coolest weddings ever. Pulling off a complete surprise for all your friends and family? It’s impressive.

Let’s flash forward to the present day:

One of the blogs I follow is for a photographer, Michelle Tanner Photography. (Yes, that’s her real name!) She did some photos for me last fall (blog forthcoming) and I keep an eye on what she’s doing.

Yesterday, she posted this story. For those too impatient to read the links, it is the wedding story of her clients, who threw a surprise wedding. I don’t know these people, but I like reading stuff like that–and the surprise wedding feature captured my attention.

If you read the story on the link, you’ll find it to be remarkably similar to the story I told above. This young couple had a surprise wedding at Mounds Park in St. Paul. The bride made her own wedding dress. (I’m pretty sure Mindy made hers). They had their reception at Obbs Bar.

What are the odds that the only two surprise wedding stories I know both happened at the same location as both couples live in the same area?

So, yesterday I sent the link to the story to Tom and Mindy. I figured they’d like knowing they’re trendsetters.

Today, I got an email back from Tom that said: “What’s even stranger is that we met the couple in the pix at our neighborhood progressive dinner last year.We talked to them later in the evening for quite some time.

Mindy thinks we may have even told them our surprise wedding story…
Isn’t that nuts? So the only two surprise wedding stories I know might have been inspiration!
That’s enough coincidence to last me for a while, hmm?

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