Christmas 2010

This was another very different holiday.

Babycakes celebrated her first Christmas, which is beyond exciting. But we had fewer people than is typical, so it was just a quiet day.

We did gifts and then chilled for a while until dinner was ready. Mom made her fantastic prime rib, and as always, it was a great dinner. She did chicken wild rice for the first time and I. Loved. It. (Please stick with that one, Mom, please?)

I got myself good and spoiled in the gift department.

I decided this year (I was kind of bossy this year it seems) that we weren’t drawing names any more. Buy gifts for whomever you wish was the plan. That came about because I HAD to get something for my sister and brother-in-law. I always do my parents and my grandma. My niece and nephew are a no-brainer, which meant that drawing names or not, I was buying for everyone except Zack and Kim, so it was easy enough for me to add them to my list.

No one really complained. Emily and Chad had planned to get me something (from my Goddaughter) and so it just worked out. Our family isn’t THAT big.

My niece gave me a beautiful calendar filled with pictures of her. It was my favorite present. It was so cute and unexpected. It hangs in my kitchen and every person who’s gone through there has looked at it and commented on it. It’s really adorable.

My mom and dad spoiled me with stuff for my house. I got two crockpots! (I took one back and will likely be buying a toaster oven with it). Tons of pots and pans, serving bowls, and several beautiful new ornaments. My mom had a “New House” ornament made for me with my address on it that I LOVE.

Zack and Kim bought me serving platters and cookie sheets, both very needed. They also splurged and got me a purple throw blanket which is my favorite blanket. It finally replaced my sage green down throw that I’ve been using for about ten years. I still love that one, but this new purple blanket is awesome!

Overall, it was a beautiful holiday and had such a relaxed tone. It felt like holidays were supposed to feel, without all the stress.

Now, for the pictures:






Family photo (Man, I LOVE that picture!)


Grandparents with Arionna


Auntie Livi with babycakes!


Great-Grandma and Arionna (is it weird that they have the same smile?)


Opening presents


Getting into the box of bows. That was her sole interest during present opening.


Practicing walking with her mommy. (this is another picture I adore. It’s so heartwarming)


Meeting Ho-Ho Santa–she isn’t impressed. But then, she was tired.


Gee, can you tell who was the star of the show this Christmas?

Nothing more fun than babies at the holidays. Makes everything just seem brighter somehow.

Though it was a month and a completely different year, hopefully you all had wonderful, magical holidays as well!


4 thoughts on “Christmas 2010

  1. It was a very different Christmas. Totally. But so enjoyable and relaxed. Having little ones around sure makes for a special Christmas! I enjoyed it!
    Great Christmas, great pictures…thanks Livi

    • I agree, it was a great Christmas. I hope it’s the start of a trend for Chrismases to come. I loved it being so relaxed and not having to stay up until 7 am drinking and being hung over the next day and not getting to do presents until 4 in the afternoon or later. This was perfect.

  2. I am glad you found that funny. I think it is just sort of sad that our Christmases have been like that for YEARS. Time to grow up….

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