No Strings

On January 21st, my mom and I were hanging out at her house. We were just chatting and laughing as the day wore on. Eventually, we had decided to go to a movie, but it was getting to the point that the matinees were ending. I checked a couple places and saw that the Hudson theater had a matinee showing of No Strings Attached starting in 20 minutes.

It worked perfectly, time and money-wise, so we headed out.

We got there and the theater was about 3/4 full. We found seats and sat down with our popcorn. The movie began…and…it was not good. People were laughing and I was cringing.

I didn’t understand. Now, I know from experience that at movies I’m the girl who laughs when no one is laughing and I’m never laughing when everyone else is. I just have different humor than the general populous.

It is fine.

A few more minutes and much more laughter and I’m almost embarrassed.

The movie was bad.

I leaned over and said to my mom, “this movie is terrible.”

She laughed for the first time. That should tell you something.

We sat a bit longer, because really, it was so bad, how much worse could it get?

Well, a lot, apparently.

She asked me if we could get our money back….I started checking my phone to see if there was any other movie the was just starting that we could go into instead. There wasn’t.

Then there was…panting. ‘Nuff said.

We got up and left.

In my life, that is the first time I’ve EVER left a movie. We actually walked out, this movie was so bad.

Then we went to the front and asked for our money back. They didn’t hesitate. Apparently with movies, it is all about time. If you leave within a certain time frame, you can get your money back.

And then we went home. So much for our excursion out into the world. We’ll have to try again, soon.



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