Good Things Come…

I’m a pretty impulsive shopper. I see, I want. That’s just how I roll. I’ve accepted it and I know that for big purchases I need to not be that way. For little things, I just deal.

However, once my house was painted, we set about getting all my artwork on my walls. I’d actually given a great deal of thought to what would grace my walls and I had artwork for the living room, the basement, my bedroom, my bathroom…but somehow, I neglected the kitchen. My mom was the one to point it out.

She saw those high ceilings and asked me what would go up there.

It actually almost caused me to panic, because I hadn’t thought of it. I was online the next second (okay, that was a bit dramatic, it was really the next day) trying to find artwork for my kitchen. I was scrambling, trying to find something affordable that I liked, much less loved.

Nothing seemed right. I finally decided that I was just going to have to wait, because blowing money on something I only kind of liked seemed stupid.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I was reading a blog I follow. They linked to an Etsy shop. I’ve bought things from Etsy before, and I love it. Homemade products are fantastic. I checked out that shop and then clicked around a bit–Etsy hopping. Suddenly, I stumbled onto this site. I was in love. Here’s a close up of one of the pieces I bought. As you can now tell, it is a vintage dictionary page, cut out and screen printed on top of it are words/phrases. And the random red letter? Exactly the color of my kitchen walls.

I bought four of them, as they were BOGO free! and free shipping! Four homemade art prints (8×10) for $20? That’s a steal. Then I needed frames and there were certain ones I had my eye on…Kelly and I took a trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond one night and there were the frames I wanted, 50% off!

It was so, totally, meant to be.

On January 25th, they arrived, and once they were there, I had to frame them. And when I opened the frames I saw they were the kinds that you have to screw the zig-zag piece on the back. Did that make sense to everyone?

Well, I tried doing it by hand, and it wasn’t working. Guess that means I have to try out my new drill. My dad bought me an electric drill for Christmas-which was very sweet. He even showed me how to use it, but honestly, most of what he said went in one ear and out the other. Not because I wasn’t listening, but because I didn’t know what he was talking about. I’d never used a drill before.

I figured I could figure it out.

I did!

I got all set up and then drilled the first hole in the frame, exactly where the screw would go. And the drill bit went in….and came out the front of the frame.


I guess you’re supposed to stop it before that happens…?

Well, I learned from that and did not screw up the rest of them. Only one frame has a little hole on the front, it’s only visible if you’re looking for it–and I don’t mind it at all. It reminds me of the learning process.

So, finally, after much work, I had all four prints framed and ready for hanging. I was so ready. I gathered up my tape measure, my hammer and nails and all the frames in the kitchen and then went to grab the ladder.

No ladder.

Now, to be fair, I don’t OWN a ladder. My dad brought his over during the moving process and left it there because I was using it. He’d come over like a day or two before and picked it up–after months of leaving it there. He told me he did so, but it didn’t really register, until I needed the damn thing and it wasn’t there anymore.

I called him to let him know he put a crimp in my night. He said that he’d come over that weekend with the ladder and we’d get them up there. I said no, not to worry. I told him I’d figure it out. He asked how and I said I didn’t know, but I’d figure something out.

He said, “don’t do anything stupid”.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Dad.

Well, there was no way I was waiting. I had waited MONTHS for the perfect artwork and I wanted it up–NOW. And I liked the idea of doing it all by myself. It was appealing to have this project that was all on my own, from start to finish. I climbed up on the counter, measurements in hand and put my tape up against the wall. In order to hang them where I wanted them, I couldn’t reach, even on my tiptoes. It was so close, though, I just needed something to stand on.

I immediately ruled out the step stool, that seemed like exactly the kind of “stupid” my dad was referring to. But I don’t really have anything else to stand on. I actually stood on my kitchen counter, surveying my house, racking my brain for something to use.

Suddenly, my eyes lit upon a brand new purchase.


I just purchased a trilogy of books to read, still in their convenient box! Books are so all-purpose. I placed them on the counter, stepped on it, stood on my tiptoes and then I could just barely reach. I managed to get them all up, in the exact spot I wanted, and straight, using my creative method.


The red star is a box I picked up for a song at the Container Store. I got two of them and even though they don’t really go with the red of the walls, I like how they look up there.

And that’s by itself on the one smaller wall. The big wall is filled with these three:


Don’t they look amazing? And what a perfect message for a kitchen, right? I could not believe when I found them. They were perfectly, amazingly, utterly, absolutely what I was looking for. And I didn’t even know it.

Now my kitchen reflects the exact sentiment that a kitchen should, eat, drink, happy. If only I could get my cooking to sync up…

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