On January 13, Kelly and I had ourselves a girls night out. Shopping and food, our two favorite things. I had to go to Ikea because my cousin Sara wanted rainbow ribbons to hang in her kids’ playroom. Hunter and Hadley had seen the ribbons at my house and were obsessed. So much so, that Hunter asked his mom to build him a playroom “just like Olivia’s” when they got home.

Sara said they had a playroom and the kids didn’t play in it…but Hunter said they would, if it was like mine. Well, back to Alabama they went, and Sara went online to buy it, except they don’t sell it online.

So she asked me to buy it up here and ship it down to her. I said I would, of course. Which meant a trip to Ikea! I have a love/hate relationship with this store. I love many of the products and its affordability. I hate the production that it takes to shop there. You can’t just run in and out, you have to wind through the entire ginormous store for what feels like hours. BUT–this is way more fun with a friend, and on a weeknight.

Kelly and I went there for the sole purpose of buying the ribbon, and somehow found ourselves filling our arms to overflowing. By the time we got to the section with carts, we were actually relieved, as we looked like this:


The quote on the wall just cinched it!

I did get the ribbon for Sara and Hunter–so that was a success.

Kelly and I went on to more shopping at the Container Store, which is a place where I could blow hundreds of dollars, if I had hundreds of dollars to spare. It’s expensive, but who doesn’t like adorable containers in every conceivable shape, size and color?

After that, we went to a not very good dinner at a bowling alley in Eagan, but hey, we like adventure. Then we had a long talk about what would eventually be come known as Christian Kane Day.

Kelly is an awesome friend, clearly.

However, let’s recall the purpose of the event…to buy the ribbon. I am holding it in the picture above (it’s the long tubular thing) and then I had to sell off my future unborn child to ship it to Alabama. Good news is, the kids love it! Hunter apparently runs in and out saying he likes that it is just like Olivia’s house.

I asked Sara to send me a pic with the kids and their “strings” and she sent this:


Which is adorable, especially with Sara’s caption: “As you can see, Hadley is expressing her thanks very nicely.”

Take a closer look.

Yep, that’s funny.

And now, my decorating influence has spread all the way to Alabama!

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