Sign of Spring

Every morning, when I am ready to leave the house, one of my simple pleasures is checking the daily temperature by looking at the thermostat in my car.

Gus is the first car of mine that has had this feature, but, perhaps more importantly, Gus spends his nights in the comfort of my very own garage. This is the first winter I’ve ever actually looked forward to, knowing that every day I would be taking my car out of a garage and not having to shovel feet of snow off its exterior, making my morning more hectic than necessary.

So, I start him up each morning and look eagerly at the dash to read the morning temp. This is always the temp inside the garage. Then, as I start on my way, I watch as the temperature plummets. By the time I arrive at work, the dash is usually reading the actual temperature–but it’s a mini-game for me, every day on my drive.

As I moved in last Halloween, temps have pretty much always been cold and dropping every single day.

The coldest it was in my garage…? Twelve degrees. It was well below zero outside that morning, but inside the garage, it managed to stay a balmy 12.

Most mornings, the garage hovered around the freezing mark, probably due to the temperature of my house.

Today, I hopped in my car and started him up.

37 degrees.

I was thrilled that it was above average in the garage. I figured it was close to that outside, probably in the low thirties.

I backed out and started on my way to work.

About two blocks away, the thermostat read 41 degrees!

For the first time, I began my game and found the temperature of the air was warmer than the temp inside my garage.

I got to watch the thermostat CLIMB.

(By the way, once I got into the city, where the buildings and people make it warmer, the temp actually showed 46 at one point. I rolled down my window just to take it in.)

Is that a sign of spring or what?


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