11 Months

I am two weeks past the deadline, but here we are at our final monthly photo shoot.

Only two weeks left to go and Arionna will be a year old.

Our final photo shoot took place at the Conservatory at Como Zoo.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day in February and the winter flowers just made this my favorite photo shoot ever.

Here we are, immortalizing Arionna at 11 months:



Even though she looks like she is about to attack me, you can see all six of her teeth in that photo–


In that one, just as I’m about to take the picture, she turned her head, raised her hand and waved at a complete stranger. Weirdo.


There was so much for her to look at (as she practiced her new standing skills) that it was hard to get her to look at me. She was constantly in awe of something around us.


I wanted one shot of her, full length, to show how big she is getting.


After being in amongst the flowers, we decided to head out to the green foliage for some different shots.

It was amazing to me how changing the scenery could completely make her eyes pop.



It was sure a fun photo shoot!

Happy Birthday babycakes!

Next time I wish you that…it will be your very first “official” birthday.

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