Sights of the Library

I am sitting at Hamline, in the library. Minding my own business. I happened to glance outside to see a girl standing on the quad, blindfolded. Another girl was leading her. As I watched, they walked toward the library. Seeing girl guided blindfolded girl inside the doors and would periodically stop and make her touch things.

I stared at them. Fascinated. Curious.

Who wouldn’t be?

As a person who has once guided a blindfolded person through a public place, I might have been more curious than most. Unfortunately, the girls took a hard right and headed down the stairs. My thought was, “that blindfolded girl is very trusting” because they were moving down the stairs at a rapid pace and I don’t think I could do that. Have you ever tried to walk down stairs in the dark or somehow being unable to see them? Even knowing you’re at the end, there is a certain fear that you will have missed a step and somehow stumble. 

But, blindfolded girl just trotted along side seeing girl and then they disappeared from my view. I actually wondered if I should follow them, just to see what they were up to…?

Before I could decide what to do, the front door opened again and a female student came into the library, wearing a blindfold. She was accompanied by a male student. It was probably about this point where I started to wonder if Hamline had a cult problem?

This time, I caught the attention of the male, sighted, student. I said, “what are you doing?”

He laughed and said, “we’re in a theater class and are doing an exercise that requires us to practice trust and tactile sensing with a partner”.


I guess.

He said, “there is nothing to worry about, it’s for school.”

I laughed at that and said, “I wasn’t worried, but I have been very curious.”

Then he lead his blindfolded girl through the library and stopped periodically to make her touch different things. Meanwhile, the first set, came back upstairs and started to head out. Someone carried an protected item through the security gate and it beeped, loudly.

The seeing girl jumped and got distracted and blindfolded girl crashed into the security gate because no one was guiding her.

It was odd, humorous, and the most excitement I’ve had on a Sunday in a good, long, while.


2 thoughts on “Sights of the Library

    • Did you know I never blogged about that? I didn’t…I thought for sure I would have written something. I searched and searched and came up empty. So I went to yours because I KNEW you’d blogged about it.

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