Valentine’s Day 2011

I spent Valentine’s day with my Grandma and my niece. I stopped by my Grandma’s house for a visit, because I hadn’t seen her in a while. I chatted with her for about an hour, then I had to run, because I was off to see Arionna and it was getting near her bedtime.

I had a little present for her, as it was her first Valentine’s day, and mostly it was just a chance to hang out and have fun with her on a random Monday night.

While I was visiting, my sister took my camera and snapped a couple pictures of me with Arionna. No one EVER takes pictures of me with her, unless I specifically ask them to. I loved it!


The second one, Emily ended up framing and giving to me as a birthday gift from Arionna. It is one of my favorite presents, ever. And that is how I spent my simple and sweet Valentine’s day.

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