St. Patrick’s Day

Each year, on St. Patrick’s Day, my mom makes corned beef and cabbage. I love this meal. Buttery red potatoes. Fatty corned beef. The cabbage has even grown on me.

I’d rather do this than go out drinking. (Plus, St. Pats falls two days after my bday, so I usually get enough drinking this time of year…)

This was Arionna’s first St. Patrick’s day, and her last first holiday. I had pics of her from every holiday, so I was excited to capture this. Until my mom called me and said, “she’s dressed in purple!”. Really, Emily? I know she has green clothes. Evidently, they forgot.

I swung by Wal-Mart on the way to mom and dad’s house and we changed her right when I arrived. Then a few pictures before dinner.

Even though they aren’t “My 1st St. Patricks Day” which is what my mom wanted me to get, and they didn’t have, this is a cute little outfit.


I did manage to find a bib though!

Isn’t it funny that as she gets older, she always looks at him likes he’s shady? I think she’s figuring out the family dynamic.

Come on, Emmy! She doesn’t want carrots, she wants corned beef!

See? She’s practically screaming for it!

Actually, she tried a bit of everything and, per her usual, she ate everything. Good eater, that one.

It was a short and quiet night (even with the baby in house!) but I think we all enjoyed it. The food was an unqualified success.

And we ended with a shot of me and my girl:


2 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day

  1. She looked so cute. I hope she grows to love her Irish heritage and the traditional meal that goes with it!

    • She will love her Irish heritage. We’ll take her to the Irish fair and she’ll grow up loving it as much as we do!

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