Computer Memory

In our age of technology, there is something to be said for the knowledge a computer has. In many ways, I think my computer might know me better than anyone.

What is funny to me, I have been mentally writing this post for months (but I am so behind) and then I had a conversation, with Kelly, that made me realize that she, too, knows of this phenomenon and recognizes it.

My computer knows me so well that after a single keystroke, it knows exactly where in this vast web of knowledge, I wish to travel. Have you noticed this? Just typing one letter will get you the website that you visit the most that begins with that letter.

A= Since it is rare that a day goes by that I don’t visit this, my most favorite of shopping sites, it is not at all surprising that this is the result. Not really surprising, hmm?

C=  again, not at all surprising. I check his website daily to see what is happening with my favorite celebrity. I look up a lot of words, I can’t stand not knowing what a word means. . Just ask, Andrew, Sara, KB, Zack, and Ritz, you do NOT want to play Scrabble against me.  I must have a lot of parties! This is where I store all of my online photos, so it makes sense.  I use Yahoo as my home page, because of my email, but for searching, I prefer Google.  The home page of Hennepin County libraries, where I used to work and where I still get a TON of books.  JC Penney online. This was the only one that was surprising to me! I had no idea I went there that much.  Kelly’s old blog. It was a site I visited daily. Even though she no longer uses it, no K sites have sprung up to take its place, so it still has the honor.  My old blog. I still visit this site all the time, because it has 500+ posts of mine. I reference it frequently and often go back and read old posts of mine.

M=Surprisingly, I do not have an M site. This was shocking to me, but I thought and thought and can’t think of a single site I visit that begins with M.  This is a baby name site. I think I’ve mentioned how obsessed I am with baby names, I go here often.  I do go to this site all the time, but I am not sure why. The deals just aren’t that good, but I just keep hoping.  My all-time favorite trivia website. I visit multiple times each day to bone up on more trivia and to prove, yet again, how smart I am.

T=  This is one of my favorites. My computer knows me so well, it realizes that while I have a twitter account, I’d rather visit CK’s than my own or any of the 50 other people I follow.   this is the site address for the Washington County library. I visit the library at least once a week in person. Electronically, more like 3-5 times a week.

X=who visits a website that starts with X?  home of my email. once each day I go to login, then it stays open all day long.  a fun site for creating custom greeting cards, t-shirts, etc. I don’t visit that often, but it is Z for pete’s sake!

Then, of course we have the two letter combo packs.

tv- gets me

co-gets me Ramsey County Library

wa-gets me Watch Series

em-gets me my work email.

ci-gets me St. Paul Public Library

sa- to pay one student loan

ac-to pay the other

we-to visit my bank (I go here nearly every other day, but it still doesn’t eclipse the number of times I visit the library, wow!)

And, honestly, there are probably dozens more. It’s like a call log on a cell phone. You don’ t need to know people’s number anymore, so long as you have your phone. You don’t need to know web addresses anymore, so long as you use the same computer.

I like that my computer knows me and my habits so well. It is reassuring to me that with a single keystroke, I can get exactly where I need to go. Minimum effort for maximum result. Exactly how I like it!  But, of course, this increases my dependency on my computer. My mom’s just broke a couple weeks ago, and I can’t help thinking…how would I survive?

And, though I know that I would, my computer and I have a relationship. She knows me and I take care of her. If something happened I could move on, but it would take a long time for another to know me this well.

All hail the age of technology!


2 thoughts on “Computer Memory

    • Soon enough. Or maybe not. You’re a big “bookmark” girl, so your computer might not get to know you that well.

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