The Universe Wants Me To Listen To David Gray

A little over a week ago (May 4th) I was driving in my car and listening to the radio. That’s rare for me. I either have no music whatsoever or my Ipod. But, for whatever reason, I had the radio on.

Suddenly, a song started. The first notes were familiar to me. It was David Gray‘s Babylon, from way back in 1999. When that song first came out, I was mildly obsessed with it. It was kind of surprising to me, how much I still liked it, more than 10 years later. However, as obsessed as I was, I was never really a David Gray fan. I liked his stuff fine, when I came across it, but I never bought an album. (This was pre-downloading for me).

Flash back to the present, please.

On May 5th-the very next day, I was again listening to the radio and I heard a song. It was vaguely familiar in that way that you know you’ve heard it before, but it never made any impression on you so you can’t place it at all. Not to a time, not to an era, nothing. The song could have been brand new, or from my childhood, I just was sure I’d heard it before.

When the chorus hit, the voice dragged up a recollection of David Gray. I assumed it was because I had just heard Babylon and was thinking of him. Naturally, I Shazamed. It was David Gray. A song called Please Forgive Me, which was off the same album as Babylon! Now,on two consecutive days, I’ve heard two David Gray songs off the same album from more than a decade ago. That’s strange.

Two days after THAT, on May 7th, I was listening to the radio on the drive over to pick up Victoria for our date (more on that, later). A song came on that I, again, was familiar with. But I didn’t know it. Shazam. Be Mine, by David Gray. That song is from 2003. So in the course of three days, I have heard three different songs by the same artist, who I never listen to. And these songs are all old.

Considering that I actually liked all of these songs, that should have been enough to convince me that I might want to inject a little David Gray into my Ipod.

But, the universe wasn’t done with me yet.

The very next day, I was again, listening to the radio. (Seriously, I don’t listen to the radio that much, even though this post sounds like I do. It has been a weird sequence of low/dead batteries and an itch for something different and that the weather has been nicer so I can roll my windows down and crank up the stereo).

This was Mother’s Day. I was leaving Hamline and headed to my parent’s house. I flipped to Cities 97 and they were just starting their Acoustic Sunset program. I love listening to this, in fact it is the only thing on the radio that I listen to regularly; as I drive home from Hamline every Sunday night. I enjoy acoustic music and this is a great way to find new and offbeat songs. They were just finishing a song and just rolled right into the next one, without the announcer stepping in. I liked it immediately. It had a really good sound. I was afraid they wouldn’t say who it was–because they so often don’t–so I pulled out my phone and…Shazam.

Only the Wine, by David Gray, off his new album.

Okay, this was too, too weird. I made a mental note to come back and download some David Gray later. Then, I stepped off the cliff into this hellishly busy week (when I leave Globe in 20 minutes I will drive to Hamline for my FOURTH shift this week, that’s in addition to the FT job…WTF!).

Last night, I was finally able to have a little down time. I went home from work and sat out on my patio. Of course, since this is the only downtime of my week, it will naturally be the crappiest day of said week, weather-wise. Grr. But I brought a blanket and sat out on the patio, with my laptop, being used literally.

I watched a couple of my shows, catching up.

One of the shows, Chase, was new this year. Evidently, no one but me watches it, so it has been canceled, but the network decided to air the remaining episodes. The one I was watching was the next-to-last episode of the series. It was a pivotal scene, right at the end. After the dialogue was spoken, the characters finished the scene to a song playing. You know how they do that in dramas, right? There are several of these songs I’ve downloaded and I have a playlist dedicated to songs I equate with TV shows. At any rate, this show started playing a song. It was sad and haunting, completely fitting for what happened in the show. It was very moving. I liked it instantly, so I grabbed for my phone and Shazamed the song. (That really works, so long as no dialogue interrupts the music).

Holding On, by David Gray.

I almost fell out of my chair!

How is it possible that FIVE times in one week I have come across this artist? In random and bizarre ways, at that? This song is also off of his new album and hasn’t even been released as a single (meaning it isn’t played on the radio).

I sat there, staring at my Shazam, realizing that the universe does, in fact, care about my musical choices. The universe wants me to listen to David Gray.

And, since I’ve liked all these songs, I think I shall heed that advice.

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