Simon and the Circus

For Simon’s fourth birthday, I gave him tickets to the circus. We took my mom and dad as well. The big day was the day after Arionna’s birthday party, so it was a big weekend for us.


This is the best group shot I got, in our good seats.

Simon was totally into what was going on….and this was before it even started!

He took this picture of the elephant. It gives a good idea of our seats.

Obviously, I let him play with my camera as we waited for it to start. I love this picture. The weird angle and my dad making faces. My dad always makes weird faces at little kids, camera or no.


This was during intermission. Grandma was gone for 3 or 4 hours to the bathroom and Simon and Pa are talking over their favorite parts so far.

He HAD to have a light up sword. Grandma caved. Look at the crazy people, the masses of them, waiting for a turn for an overpriced ride on an animal. That’s just nuts, to me. Not at all worth it. Luckily, Simon never asked if he could do it. He’s not that kid.

He seemed to enjoy the circus, some parts better than others. I thought it was excruciatingly lame. I’ve only been twice and not been that impressed either time. However, it was too, too long for him. He sat so good, but toward the end, he leaned over to me and said, “Auntie Livi? Can we go now?” and we were outta there.

We were all starving by the end so we stopped at Fabulous Fern’s for lunch. Simon was squirrelly at the restaurant, but who can blame him? He’d already been sitting still for three hours. So we let him play and he was being silly with his grandparents:

And, wow, isn’t that a terrific picture?

All in all, we had a great day. Simon still talks about all we saw at the circus, but he hasn’t asked to go back. So we shall see…


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