Swimming Pool

I’ve wanted a swimming pool all my life. That’s not an exaggeration. Ask my mom, she’ll tell you I’ve been a pool nut from the very beginning.

We once visited a friend of my dad’s, someone he worked with. We went to his house and he had this HUGE above-ground pool in his yard. I was in love. I remember begging for my dad to get us a pool like that. (Since I’d long given up on getting an in-ground pool). Our family friends, Frank and Kathy bought a pool for their kids. It was a small above-ground pool. Maybe 8′ across? I was so jealous. I longed for a pool of my own. But, it never happened.

That is why, when I had the opportunity, I took full advantage. Ask Kelly about the time I went “camping” with her family and I wouldn’t get out of the pool for three days. I mean, other than flirting with those cute guys (and playing pool?) I was in the water the entire weekend. Which sent me home with 2nd degree burns on my face. I’m much more careful now.

But, I love to swim. I love to play in the water and have fun.

My house has a pool.

I wasn’t looking for a townhouse with a pool, but when I found my house and it happened to have a pool, I was sold. After the fiasco that was the closing of this house, it ended up being more than two weeks later than it was supposed to be. Do you  remember last October? It was warm, sunny, and gorgeous. The pool was open during the closing fiasco and I just kept hoping it would hold until I got my keys. I wanted even one day of sitting by my pool.

They closed it two days before I finally got my keys.

That means I spent seven months paying dues to support the cost of my pool that I couldn’t even use.

It finally opened just under two weeks ago. Of course, this bizarrely cool weather has really been hindering the pool usage, but I’ve still managed to make it over there a few times.

The very first time was with Kelly and her kids as they popped in to visit one night.

The kids were so excited we let them strip down to their underwear and “swim”. They played in the pool until after bedtime and we finally dragged them out so Kelly could get them home. Christian started crying he was so upset about leaving the pool. I feel ya, buddy. I hugged him and promised him that they’d come back soon.

Next, I took my friends Clay and Lew for an evening, to give their dad a break while mom was in China. They wanted to go hang out at my house. Evidently, my house is fun. We walked over to the pool and they also stripped down and played in the water. That was last Wednesday.


(And Lew was deliberately hiding his face. He thought it was funny!)

On Friday, I babysat my nephew for a couple hours. He, too, wanted to see the pool. He ended up skinny dipping while I swam for the very first time. We played in the water until he was cold and exhausted. Did I mention it was only 60 degrees out? We’re dedicated! Simon loved it so much. When I got him back home he told Grandma that he swam without his clothes on and she said, “you went skinny dipping?” I had avoided calling it that so far. But now he knows the term, so when his mom picked him up, what did he tell her? “I went skinny dipping, mama!” She blames me. I said it’s Grandma’s fault.


This picture also marks MY first time swimming in my pool!

(doesn’t really look like swimming weather…does it?)

On Saturday, Mindy called. She was back from China and Tom was helping friends move. She was looking to entertain the kids for a bit and they asked to come swimming at my house. I said come on over! We swam for a bit, then it started raining. We kept swimming for a while, then it started pouring. Finally, we were all so cold we went into the sauna to warm up. Probably not the best for kids, but we kept it on low…and it is a sauna, not a steam room. The boys LOVED the sauna.

Lew is dancing, I think. Clay is just happy I gave him a pop. They would take turns spraying the water onto the rocks. I think that was their favorite part.

On Sunday, I watched Arionna so my sister and Chad could paint their basement. We avoided the pool. Only because I knew that we would go swimming the very next day.

Monday, Memorial Day, was an absolute blast. My sister and Chad has asked more than a month earlier if they could bring Ario over for her first swim. Luckily, my pool is heated, so it works in a variety of weathers. Then we invited my parents and Zack and Kim. Kim was sick on Memorial Day, so they stayed home. Just about an hour before our pool party was to start, Mindy called. She said they wanted to come swimming again. I invited them, too. Then I invited the Humphreys, but they missed out.

It actually looks like Ario is having fun. She sort of did. She probably started crying a few seconds after I took this. But by the end she seemed like she liked it. By the end of summer I bet we’ll have a little fish on our hands.


My sister used to have a pool at her apartment, four years ago. Luckily, she kept most of her pool toys and brought them with. So now, I have tons of fun things to play with, including a Jet Ski!


My parents didn’t spend a ton of time in the pool, but they still had a blast. And isn’t the scenery by the pool gorgeous?

Late in the day, as we were winding down, it finally got sunny. This little peanut was having fun, though she needs some more time to get used to the water.

I love this picture! Even though she isn’t looking. The color is amazing and you can see her beautiful curls.

Awww! Everyone should be so lucky as to have this grandma. I should know, I have her as a mom.

Fortunately, Mindy was also taking pictures and she managed to grab one of me.


Not surprisingly, I was in the water. Except for blowing up the pool toys and taking the few above photos, I was in the water for almost four hours straight. When Mindy wanted to come talk to me, she sat at the edge and I swam over and chatted. Neither Mindy, nor Tom, are big pool people. Outside, yes, but not in the water. Their boys, however, are pool nuts. Tom and my dad were talking about it during the party and my dad told Tom not to worry, I LIKED playing in the pool with his kids.

My dad is right. I love being in the water. I love it when friends bring their kids to play (it’s more fun than swimming alone). I absolutely, positively, undeniably, love having a pool.

32 years.

Worth the wait.


2 thoughts on “Swimming Pool

  1. I am so very happy for you that you FINALLY got a pool! Memorial Day was great! I can’t wait to come over and swim again!

    • Any time! I went night swimming last night. I wish it would stay this hot ALL summer. I’m probably the only one…

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