If You Wanna Be Happy

It was a weekend of big birthdays, beginning on Saturday, June 11th. My uncle, Dave, who also has the honor of being my Godfather and my confirmation sponsor, turned 60 years old.

This is the only digital photo I have of him…taken at Christmas

I talked to him Saturday night and he said he had a nice day. He went golfing with his son, my cousin Tommy. As far as I know, that is one of his favorite things to do in all the world, so it seems like a perfect way to spend such a momentous occasion. Of course, talking to me probably helped, too.

I was thinking about him and trying to decide what I would title his post. Then, it popped into my head. “If You Wanna Be Happy” a song by Jimmy Soul from 1963. Somewhere in my youth, Uncle Dave once told me that was his favorite song. I actually don’t even know if it IS his favorite song, or if he just told me that at the time. Still, that stuck with me and now my whole family refers to that song as “Uncle Dave’s favorite song”.

If you don’t know it, watch the YouTube video link above.

The main chorus is:

If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life

Never make a pretty woman your wife

So, from my personal point of view,

get an ugly girl to marry you!

It is exactly the kind of tongue-in-cheek humor that Uncle Dave has always been known for. That and the phrase “colder than a witch’s tit in a brass brassiere” which he said to me when I was probably way too young to hear such a phrase (I was 12 and babysitting for my cousins) but it has always stuck with me. I even say it when it gets disturbingly cold outside.

Between that and the numerous nicknames he’s favored me with over the years (currently, he calls me Libliv, short for Librarian Livi) he’s done a lot to impact my life. He’s one of the funniest guys I know and I’m delighted to wish him a very happy SIXTIETH birthday.


2 thoughts on “If You Wanna Be Happy

  1. I like the picture of Uncle Dave. F.Y.I., the witches tit phrase belonged to your Grandpa Conway. I think I remember him saying that back when I was 12! Uncle Dave is carrying on the tradition!
    On a side note: I sent Uncle Dave a card that I had found for him about 6 years ago. I know, you can’t believe I knew where it was after 6 years! It was a black and white card with a very old referee on the front. The inside said: Game over.
    You’re old.
    He called me, I think he liked my card!
    Anyway, nice post!

    • Thanks! It was fun. I really didn’t know that was something Grandpa said. He was more appropriate and never said that around me.

      I am shocked that you knew where the card was. Did you actually KNOW or did you sort of stumble across it?

      I’m so glad you reminded me it was his birthday so I could call and chat with him. 60 is such a big deal.

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