Regarding Clarity

Little kids constantly crack me up when they mix up something that is so obvious to an adult.

I was visiting Kelly one evening and her kids were hyped up. Christian was showing me his new shoes, Spiderman, maybe? At any rate, then he went over to the door, put on my high heeled sandals and started prancing around the kitchen. It was adorable.

I said to him, “Christian, let me take your picture in your new shoes” clearly, referring to him wearing my shoes.

He said okay and then went over to the door, took off my shoes and let me take this:

Because THOSE are his new shoes…duh.

I guess I should have been more clear. But, darn that picture is cute!

3 thoughts on “Regarding Clarity

  1. They are CARS shoes and they light up and he thinks he’s a super hero of sorts when he sports them. Adorable pic, if I do say so myself! Oh so, literal!!

    • Cars, Spiderman, what’s the difference? (I’m kidding, I know the difference. Lightning McQueen rules!) Yes, it is an adorable picture and my goodness are they literal.

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