Be Honest:



We’ll talk about it when I get back…


12 thoughts on “Thoughts?

    • When people say things like “interesting” design, I assume they are being deliberately vague because they don’t like it and are trying to be diplomatic. It’s okay, I’m not offended, I hate the design. It’s flipping ugly. But I appreciate the comment.

      • No I do really like it!!! Why? Because (1) I’m all for the bright colors and (2) no one else will have it and (3) it does fit perfectly for the event even though I would wear it on a normal day!!

      • Ok, well, I agree it is very 80s but it is so far from what I had in mind. Plus, came at the end of a very bad experience. I’m all for abstract, but there should be something attractive about it and, whether you enjoy them or not, everyone can agree that the 80s were one ugly decade (hair, makeup, fashion, etc. )

        And, actually, bright colors was what I was going for…that’s the only part she got right.

    • Actually, there is a TON that can be done, I’ve seen some really elaborate designs. Not this crap that my 1 year old niece could do….

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