…people who, smile at you


are back from

We saw tall buildings:

even some trying to duke it out for tallest honors:

Some of us were astounded by this, as it was our first time:

We marveled at incredible views:

(no, that’s not a postcard, that is a snapshot from my Iphone camera!)

We did some new things:

And enjoyed every second.

We managed to blend in:

and even squeezed in a show:

There were more views:

and when night fell, the world was even more beautiful, somehow.

We are home, we are tired and we have a 1,000 things to share about the trip. Hope you enjoyed your preview, more to come…

2 thoughts on “…people who, smile at you

  1. LOVE IT! SO CREATIVE! I’m so tired today I could crawl back into the plane seat and sleep all the way back (58 in) to Chicago! It was a trip I’ll never forget. So much to say about it that I’m speechless.

    • Thanks! I wanted something simple and it could only be with photos on my camera phone because i could get to those.

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