Raves and Wrongs

Lately, people have been hyping movies at me. Okay, maybe not lately, but I pay more attention in the summer, because that is when I watch a lot of movies. TV is on the DL for the summer hiatus, so I tend to watch a lot of movies to fill my time.

Here’s the thing, though, I don’t tend to like the movies that everyone else likes. I know this, have known it for some time, and I STILL listen to the reviews. What is wrong with me? That how come I end up wasting my time.

I saw Bad Teacher. It was bad.

I saw Country Strong. It was terrible.

I saw Super 8. It was not good.(Except for Kyle Chandler…is it even possible not to like him? He’s Coach Taylor, people!)

Then, last night, I tried Bridesmaids. This was recommended to me by at least five people. That’s a lot of strong reviews. Kelly said it was the funniest movie of her life. But since she uses that phrase for a lot of things AND she is the most dramatic person I know, I take it with a grain of salt. But then, with four other people telling me they love it, too…I gave it a try.

I made it 40 minutes before I was panting with the effort NOT to throw my laptop across the room in order to stop the all-consuming awfulness that is that movie. I’m appalled that movie even got MADE. How on earth could anyone say that is a good movie? Top 5 worst movies I ever seen, and I didn’t even finish it.

Finally, I gave up and went back to my roots. I’ve long since had a love affair with ABC family’s made-for-tv movies. They’ve been doing them, maybe 8-10 a year, for about a decade. I’ve seen most of them, but certainly not all. I love these movies. They’re sweet, syrupy, cheesy, over-the-top, silly, funny, no brains involved kind of movies. Romantic comedies, most of them, but plenty of dorky comedies as well. (Crimes of Fashion, anyone?)

I stumbled across one I had never seen, Shadows in the Sun. It stars Joshua Jackson (Fringe, Dawson’s Creek) and Harvey Keitel of all people. I never thought I’d see the day that he was in an ABC Family movie. But it was sweet and funny and had a good story. I wasn’t entirely sure how they’d end it–and it was pretty stupid, but the goodbye scene before the ending scene more than made up for the terrible ending.

The best part? When they have a hit, they kill it to death. I’m talking Bring it On. A trashy, campy fun cheerleading movie. Now there’s 4? 5? of them. I’ve seen them all and loved them all. Each one is dumber than the one before, but I love them still.

Remember in the early 90s? The Cutting Edge? Moira Kelly (and btw, Moira Kelly is one of the most annoying people. I detest her in everything I have ever seen her in. And she is just as annoying in this movie, but it WORKS for her and makes the movie better-literally the only thing I can stand her in) and DB Sweeney ice skating? One of the all-time greats. About five years ago, I learned that somehow, my mother had never seen it. I made her watch it immediately and, obviously, she loved it. How can you not? Well, ABC Fam bought the franchise and proceeded to pop out terrible sequels. They just released the fourth. I’ve seen them all. I love them all. They’re supremely awful-in the best possible way. I learn nothing, I don’t have to think, I just zone out for two hours and then feel terrific when it is over.

It’s rom-com porn.

In other news, there was a romantic comedy that came out about a year ago. Letters to Juliet. When I saw the previews for it, I had zero desire to see it. That’s surprising. I’ve pretty much seen every romantic comedy ever made. But, that one, just looked stupid and unappealing. I blame a bad trailer.

At any rate, due to this enduring dearth of good flicks, I decided to give it a shot. Lord knows, couldn’t be worse than Bridesmaids. So I watched it. And. I. Loved. It.

One of the better romantic comedies made in recent years. Not one of the best, EVER, but very, very, good. The dual stories work well together and I was entranced by both.

I also, recently, saw Horrible Bosses. It was funny, sure, but not earth-shatteringly so. Jason Bateman is right up there with Kyle Chandler in the “how can you not like me?” category.

Fortunately for me, summer usually means superhero blockbusters, which is my second favorite genre, following romantic comedies. I go nuts for superhero movies. I’m like a four-year-old boy that never grew up. I’ve seen all the Supermans, all the Batmans, Spidermans and the smaller, less franchisy ones: Daredevil, Elektra, Fantastic Four, etc.

I’ve seen nearly every one ever made.

This summer, I’ve seen Thor (LOVED–except for Natalie Portman, but I liked it so much, even she couldn’t ruin it)

X-Men First Class. I enjoyed this and it was a good, useful installment to the series, but it can’t touch the Origins: Wolverine story.Although, probably the second best. And a great place to start, if you’ve never seen any of them.

I saw the Green Lantern, that goes in the meh, list. Like Edward Norton’s Incredible Hulk. Just not good.

And, on Friday, Captain America opened. I’m dying to go see it. Dying. Imagining a way to leave-work-early-and-go-see-it-right-now sort of dying. But, Elena mentioned she wanted to see it and I feel like I might have agreed and she’s in Vegas this week, soooo I feel like I can’t go. I hate that.(No spoilers in the comments, I’m dying here!)

I also saw Cars 2. It was nowhere near as good as the original, but they were smart enough to move far away from the original premise and just make a standalone movie (as in you don’t need to see the original to understand and appreciate the sequel) that happens to feature the same characters. My mom loved it. Simon liked it, but he thought it was scary when Lightning and Mater were being chased through town by the bad guys. FYI. I thought it was cute and funny, but WAY too long for a kids movie. It was nearly 2 hours long!

Okay, that’s the recent (last month) recap of movies. I told you, I see a lot of movies in the summer. There’s my brief reviews. If you share my taste, this was probably worth your time…or not.

(And, without question, it took me longer to add the links to this post than it took me to WRITE this post.)


9 thoughts on “Raves and Wrongs

  1. Can’t. Believe. You. Didn’t. Like. Bridesmaids. You have terrible taste;-)
    I still laugh out loud (literally) when I think of certain parts. Funny funny movie. I’m standing by my ‘review.’

  2. Mike took the kids to cars 2 and Hunter liked it and Hadleys favorite part was them being chased by the bad guys!!!

    • I have to agree with Hadley. That was a pretty cool scene. But…Simon found it scary. But he did like the movie–and he sat through the entire two hours, so that was good. How’d you get out of family movie day?

      • Mike was on vacation last week and they had a “daddy” day. I was told to go to work and they would tell me about it 🙂

      • Sounds like a nice day for them. It’s no fun for you to be at WORK though. You should sneak off next time and get a pedicure or something!

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