Captain Awesome

I couldn’t take it anymore. I text Elena in Vegas and asked her to pick the date so at least I’d have something to look forward to. She text back…”go see it when you want, it kind of creeps me out”.

Poor girl.

Therefore, I left work and drove straight to the theater yesterday, to catch the last matinee show. Can I just say, I was shocked at how busy it was? 5:20 on a Monday night? That’s a big movie time, really? I thought it would be dead.

Guess not.

At any rate, got there just in time to see the 12 previews…really? Is that necessary? I don’t understand why there must be a half hour of crap before a movie starts? Why can’t they show that stuff during the downtime before the movies begin?

Okay, whatever.

So…I simply have to say, this is a seriously awesome movie. It made me cry, actual tears, not just tearing up or sniffling. Which is especially impressive when you consider that A)it’s a superhero action movie and B) I know how it ends!  But, still, they got me. This one was really well done, smart action, good story, surprisingly funny, touching emotions, it really had everything, the entire package. This whole series they’re doing…the Avengers series, has been amazing (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America). Too bad they screwed up The Incredible Hulk before starting this venture. I think they should redo it…

At any rate, though I loved the first XMen movie, I’m going to have to say that Captain America is the best movie I’ve seen this summer, by the very slimmest of margins over Thor. And honestly, Thor might have won without Natalie Portman. But as they’re part of the same series, it’s probably okay that they’re both vying for the top spot.  I’m so happy that I’ve seen Captain America, I just feel more settled now. And I wish I had a friend who loved these movies as much as me, then we could sit around like dorks and talk about how cool they are.

Lane, sorry, you really missed out on this one. I super-duper heart Captain America.

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