Photographic Delight

I’m obsessed with this photo.

Obsessed, I tell ya. For those of you who did not subject yourself to the recap and the original posting, you can click on those links to find out more.

However, I will say that I have long been an advocate of the celebrity crush. I’ve had one, pretty much continuously, for as far back as my memory goes. When I say “I’ve had one” what I mean is: the celebrity may change, but there is always someone I’m crushing on.

Luke Perry was one of the first.

Tom Cruise was probably the longest running. (When I was in high school, my high school crush signed my yearbook and mentioned how much he’d miss hearing my talk about Tom Cruise. My obsessions were pervasive, even way back then.)

Paul Gross was one no one ever heard of. (He starred in one of my favorite tv series of all times, Due South. Back before DVDs and DVRs, I recorded the entire series off television with a timer, because it was on while I was at work. Four YEARS of recording to get the entire series. And I ended up with boxes of VHS tapes for about six years, until the series came out on DVD. Go figure).

Tom Brady is ongoing. (Did you see he cut his hair? No more scruffy Tom. My mom is overtly relieved. I’m secretly disappointed. He looked like a ruffian–it worked for me.)

Christian Kane is the best.

Obviously, I’ve had more than five in my day, but those are some highlights. (By the way, when Luke Perry guest starred on Leverage with Christian Kane, I nearly had a stroke. I was counting minutes until that episode aired. I bet my mom remembers how crazy I was up until the premiere…she really is the best). My current obsession with Christian Kane goes back to his days on Angel, which was from 1999-2004. I think it was 2002-2003 when I started watching it. And the obsession was born. (It also spawned a milder, but no less intense, obsession with David Boreanaz, which led to my watching Bones–one of my favorite tv shows, currently.) That’s going on a decade that I’ve been crazy over him, if he hangs on for a couple more years, he’ll knock Tom Cruise out of first place.

This past January, I was blessed to not only meet him, but have a conversation, share a hug and get the (above) fabulous photo. Now, if you know me, you know I like pictures. I take a lot and I have many plastered all over my house. However, in my lifetime, I’ve never loved a picture as much as that one.

In short, this picture has taken over my life. It is:

  • The wallpaper on my laptop
  • The background wallpaper on my Iphone
  • The locking wallpaper on my Iphone
  • The background on my IPOD
  • The wallpaper on my work computer
  • The icon picture on my twitter account
  • The icon picture on my blog account
  • The header on my blog
  • I have an 8×10 color photo matted and framed in my bedroom
  • I have a 5×7 black and white framed in my living room
  • I made two calendars from this photo
  • I have snapshots in my nightstand
  • I have a snapshot at work

Think that is enough utilization of that picture? I mean, really? Talk about OCD. And, even though that picture has saturated my life, I can’t get enough. I smile, each and every time I look at it. If I’m cranky, looking at it puts me in a good mood. I think that picture has magical powers.

Then, just the other day, my bank sent me an email. I can now personalize my cards with a photograph…free of charge! I immediately clicked, because Wells Fargo cards are ug-ly. Who wants pictures of a stagecoach on a gray background? So I started to think.

Cards don’t change that often

Cards get used a lot

It would have to be something meaningful

It would have to be something I wouldn’t get sick of

If I had kids, this would be easy.

Then…what about my favorite picture in the universe? And that is why, Wells Fargo is, as we speak, mailing me my new card, complete with a cropped photo of Christian Kane and me. I have three cards through Wells Fargo and don’t think for one second I wasn’t tempted to plaster this picture on all three cards, but I worried I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. Then I decided I could to one in color, one in black and white, and one in sepia, but I started to worry I was losing my mind, so I didn’t.

I just chose my check card, the most used card I have and put the picture on there. The others will stay drab and dreary until I can find something else to put on them. Maybe I’ll jet off to another CK concert and meet him again for a different picture, but, for now, I’ve only found one more way to obsess.

And, did you notice how I turned the conversation from a quick mention of my new photographic check card into a mini-discussion of my obsessions? That is how you make obsession work for you. No charge for the lesson.

5 thoughts on “Photographic Delight

  1. Love it:-) See, you won’t find it weird that I have an 8X10 of Jordan and myself in my kitchen and a 4X6 on my bathroom mirror and I’m fantasizing how to incorporate it into the classroom without scary the parents off.

    • I wouldn’t worry about scaring them off with Jordan. My concern would be letting them see you in a 1991 nightshirt and neon hat!

      • I didn’t wear the hat. I didn’t want to scare Jordan! I also thought he may start recognizing me and think I’m a total lunatic!

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