Mini-Tom Colicchio

I honestly don’t even know when this was. It was so long ago. You see, I lost the cord to my camera, so I couldn’t upload. I tried at Kelly’s house, but it was taking so long and…

So, then, I finally had a flash of inspiration. What if I switch my memory card with my mom’s and upload through HER camera? It worked. I was so proud. Of course, I have two full memory cards of pictures and the battery died long before I finished, but I at least have access to some old photos.

So, once upon a time, I was making a salad, my go-to salad for parties and things. I was making it at my mom’s house and Simon was there. I asked him to help me. When you consider that the entire salad prep consists of chopping veggies, you might think that sounds dumb.


It’s not. He’s very precise and careful for a 4-year-old. Plus, he cooks with his nana (other Grandma), so he’s very well versed in the kitchen. I set him to chopping up the orange (already in the colander) and red peppers. I did the yellow, green, onions, and olives.


Look at that, the concentration on his face. He was so thrilled that I just gave him a knife (a real knife) and just let him do his job. I kept watch on him, making sure he was keeping his fingers clear, but he was terrific.

The evidence is clear. He’s going to grow up to be Tom Colicchio. (Or some other cool, celebrity chef).

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