Spelling Contest

Today, I’m hanging out with Simon. We’re having all sorts of fun (more on that…later). Then, my mom and I were talking about possible plans for tomorrow. Since I no longer work on Sundays, it is fun to be able to plan activities.

Since Simon is only four, I am still in the habit of spelling things so that he can’t understand me–when we’re tentatively discussing something, I spell the fun parts so he doesn’t get his hopes up.

I guess he’s figured out my system.

Me: “You could come to my house tomorrow and we could go to the P-A-R-K”

Mom: That might be fun.

Simon: “Or we could go to your house tomorrow and go to the O-P-I-O”

Simon: “That spells pool.”

So, he can’t spell, but apparently he’s wise to my tricks.


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